Thinking About Adopting Another Dobe.. But..

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I'm thinking about adopting another Doberman.. From my state's rescue. The one I'm drawn to though is an Albino.. She would fit in with my household so much better than most the others, but I didn't know EVERY precautionary I need to be looking at.

Does anyone have more knowledge on the issue? She's a 3 year old, and just looks and sounds amazing.


Thanks in advance!

there is plenty of information about albino Dobermans out there, although each dog is an individual. As a whole, albinos will have issues seeing well in bright sunlight - doggles (sunglasses made for dogs) are recommended. They are poorly bred and sometimes suffer from temperament issues.... sometimes those issues are related to the fact that they have issues seeing in bright light.... 

I've known albinos with good temperaments, and bad temperaments - all of the albinos I've known have come through rescue. It isn't their fault and they do deserve a good home that understands their special needs.

If you are interested in adopting onel, I'd let the rescue know that you are interested in learning more about them. Most rescues want to make sure that people who adopt an albino understand that part of their job is to be an advocate for educating people about the fact that albinos should not be bred. Many people want one just because they look different and don't understand that it is a genetic fault that should not be continued. 

Good luck to you and I'm glad you are asking questions!


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Thank you for considering a "special needs" rescue dog!!! Knowledge is the key to having the best home for this dog.....and yes rescues are always excited to know that their dogs have a parent interested enough to research any special needs their dog might have, they should have some great resources for albino info.....keep us posted on your progress and of course we want pics!!!!