Some help with finding a dog.

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I used to be a dog trainer, dog breeder (Neopolitan Mastiff and REALLY into Peruvian Hairless Dogs(I imported all of my dogs from Peru)).

Than I got MS and had to find homes for all my beloved dogs. It destroy
ed me inside.

I currently have a friend bred 5 y.o.neutered male pio (hairless dog). He is: not big enough nor not the right temperment for a working dog.

I know that I can train a dog, easier than finding the RIGHT dog, as they can vary TREMENDOUSLY from litter to litter with the same sire and bitch. I don't have the money to buy into a breeding program like Guiding Eyes for the Blind does, focusing ENTIRELY on the end product.

Anyhoo, I am here to introduce myself and seek thoughts on this.

You have a ton more knowledge collectively.

Thank you for your time and help.


While Dobermans can be and are used as service dogs, they are not often suited towards it compared to other breeds like labs, goldens, standard poodles, etc. 

Some of the traits of a Doberman is that it is often mistrustful/aloof around strangers, and they can often be dog aggressive - especially males, but I have had bitches be even more dog aggressive than males. 

I do know of people with Doberman service dogs - but generally they have one because they just really like Dobermans. 

There was recently a discussion about Dobermans as service dogs on a facebook page....  April 2nd was the start of it on Doberman Pinscher Breeder Listings - it is a closed group so you have to ask to join. 

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Excellent advice from Fitzmar!!!

if you plan on being out in public finding a dog that is up to the challenge of any type dog getting in their and your space without reacting is a must, being able to tolerate people not adhering to protocol with service dogs is another - there are stories recently of service dogs being hit, kicked, and shoved by the general public and then of course there are the kids that will run up to pet the pretty doggie, your dog needs to be ok with that....

I wanted an in home service dog one that could do jobs around the house with me and this group helped me choose a rottweiler after listening to my needs and it was a great choice. I did take one of them out in public and he loved it, loved all the attention until 2 years into it one dog stared me down and my rottie did not like that and became unruly - never took him out in public around strange dogs after that.....not sure what transpired but I wasn't going to risk him getting hurt....

so it depends on what you need a service dog for but super friendly dogs that can ignore transgressions are the best for service