Nuts at the vet!

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Wags his tail off. Barks and barks. Bows. Wants to meet everybody and everything. I think that he is not socialized very well. He really stands out from everything else, and I get remarks from the vet staff. I live in a rural area with lots of room but no parks or places where there are groups of other dogs or people. Really dont know what to do about it other than go to friends and family with dogs but they are not socialized either (spoiled, untrained. I need some ideas and some advice.

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Sounds rambunctious to me, not necessarily not socialized. Is he still young? If he's a pup I'd be happy to have one that's happy and wanted to meet everyone and play. Are the vets telling you he's rude and out of control, or just full of himself?

But - I'm sure you'd like it better if he behaved a little better.! Are you working with him at all? And is he gettin enough exercise?

You really don't want him at dog parks anyway - it would be a good idea if he has some training first, so you can control him. There are more than a few folks here who don't particularly care for dog parks.

Try using visits to places like the vet as a training exercise. Bring treats (good ones) and work on simple commands like "sit" "down" "stay" while you wait. Sometimes getting their minds engaged and working can really help. When my dogs are young and in training, I go to places like Petsmart and petco to practice training with distraction.... best to do this when stores are not super busy ;-)

If you have not yet done a group training class, sign up for one. 

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My pup does the same thing! We even got banished to wait in another room once because Athena kept barking when no one would play with her. Lol It is a bit embarrassing. I usually tell people she's still a puppy and just wants to play with everyone she meets. (Two legged or four) I've been bringing treats like Fitzmar mentioned. And that's helped. We socialize all of the time so I don't think that's the problem. I think it's a maturity / training thing. Good luck!