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I am so upset and frustrated.

Seems that the person that helped me get Sampson my senior rottie from CA to NC 3 years ago was the one that put me in touch with this foster person with the female/male parents of the 11 puppies. Well well well, as I figured but hoped was not the case the foster parent and that was the term the networking person I knew referred to this foster parent as is not a foster parent. See foster means one thing - you get a dog through a rescue and the rescue pays for all the care and you just keep the dog till a home can be found that is a foster. Well one day a week or so ago I saw a post from this "foster" saying she still had puppies "for sale" I instantly pm'd her and said didn't you mean for adoption and she said Yes that's what she meant, I said you might want to correct it then cause that was misleading. The post disappeared, wasn't corrected just disappeared. My first hmmmmm.......

I had been chatting with this woman ever since my little boy was born March 31st every night, she popped on and we would chat, we talked about stuff like migraines, weather, tough days, her mom having alzheimers my mother in law having it too, the cats here at the house and I let her know we adopted the whippets and wanted to make sure that my little boy was still calm and sweet she said yes. Then she sent me the paperwork on my puppy to fill out and there was a "bill of sale" when I asked about that I was assured it was just a form I said what about the "adoption" papers no answer, second hmmmmmmm

Well, this week has been a nightmare, she sent me a pic of my little rottie boy and I said that's not my little boy, she assured me he was, I said his ribbon is aqua not dark blue and she said well he chewed it off and I had to put a new one on, I said that's not a new ribbon that one is old and frayed this is a different puppy, she said no it wasn't.....I still had not filled out the paperwork so I hesitated,  then the first woman popped back in said we needed to talk about transport and I got all excited that this was really happening. But I chatted with the foster woman she wanted to know how my day went I told her about the horrible cat fight we had with our gray cat and the 3 year old kitten we rescued - it appears the gray cat may need to be euthanized something has gone wrong in his brain he is out of control and attacked everybody but me. I took him to the vet and we are still waiting for results. She then told me she lost her job. She asked about danny's mom chatted a bit about the alzheimers and then asked about how the house hunting was going for us and I said we had found a house we thought we would make an offer on then the transport conversation picked back up and I was told that I needed to figure out if I wanted this puppy - what???

Turns out that the networking person that helped with Sam had apparently been clued in as to what was happening here and she thought I didn't want the puppy for some reason I said I always wanted him why would she ask, she said well you have alot on your plate and I don't think you will have time for this little puppy, so you need to make up your mind, I said I wanted him she kept pounding on me to make a decision make a decision and I kept asking why are you doubting I want him I WANT him let's talk about transport she wouldn't discuss it. She then said well you make up your mind and then pay the rest of the fee to JM and I have a transporter that can pick him up but you have to let me know tomorrow I asked if 3pm my time would be ok and she said that's I paid my last part of the bill with paypal at 1pm and asked if we could talk about the transport and she said sorry transport already left you're too late!!! late??? I was 2 hours earlier than the deadline we set.  Third hmmmmm

Then all of a sudden I start getting both these women more or less yelling at me and screaming at me online that I wouldn't have time for the puppy, I had too many animals, I had too much going on, that he would be hurt by my cats (seriously?? he's a rottie the cat is declawed who do you really think would win) and this kept up for half an hour......I then looked at the last picture that the woman sent me and realized that was not my puppy so it hit me that omg several things came to mind 1. that her kids had taken the ribbons off the dogs and had put them on a different puppy 2. that my puppy was inadvertently "sold" to someone else 3. that the puppy never existed and this was a scam

So they went on and on and finally the one that had helped with Sam said if this were my puppy I would not let you have him - that did it

I was done, no more - I have an extremely loving home, I understood that if I didn't spend the right amount of time with him he would be a horror I knew what I was getting into and was prepared but to be told NO I wouldn't give him to you??? I paid my fee I just needed transport. At this point I said here's the deal I want my money back that I just paid and you can kiss my boy and tell him how much I love him and find him another home. I want my money back - said that 4 times - no response - none, they were there to chew me out but not when I said I wanted my money back. So I told them if I didn't here from someone I would contact paypal. No response. So I waited 3 hours and then called paypal and told them I wanted a refund the guy said he would get that refund not to worry. So I popped on and told them I had contacted paypal and we were done. They instantly popped back on and screamed that I had frozen the foster person's account and how mean I was, and I was a liar and a horrible person and so on. I pride myself on NEVER lying except to my mother in law now that she has alzheimers and freaks out over some things. But I don't lie it's a waste of time and unproductive serves no one.

End story - I don't know what happened or why.....I don't know if it was a scam......I figure that now that the woman has lost her job and she has two intact rotties and knows that the female can produce 11 puppies that she will become a backyarder.......I feel that my puppy disappeared and this whole thing has me feeling as if I had another death in the family.....I had 8 weeks to fall in love with that little face and to not be able to get him to me was tragic......and then to have them not even let me have him after paying in full......I am just sick....

Why is this so hard??? I love the whippet girls and thank god they are here, in fact I was crying so hard over the loss of this puppy that the whippet that is so aloof and independent she came over jumped on the sofa and put her head in my lap for the duration of my crying spell.....

It's just all so sad and traumatic all over again......I guess when the girls pass I will just go to a breeder, goes against my rescue principles but I will go get two and get the health guarantee and whole 9 yards instead of dealing with this crap.....I wanted to save a life and this is what happens.


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I'm very sorry that things did not work out as you had planned with the new puppy, but I think that when things like that happen unexpectedly it often ends up seeming to have been for the best in the end.  Who knows maybe this pup wasnt the right match for you, and you will end up finding a different pup that fits you better, and you will be thankful it worked out that way.

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What a horrid experience, personally I think life matters need to be dealt with personally. I would only ever deal face to face with breaders or adoption options in the future. Likewise I would not offer too much information about your life because a lot of people form opinions from assumption online. Hope things workout for the best.

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I am crying, you poor thing!  Just so sad.

I think it was all a scam too, but I sure hope all the puppies get to good homes.

Glad yu have the girls to bond with over this.




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I'm so sorry this happened.

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Oh Tal.. all I can say is I'm so so sorry.

All the platitudes and 'oh well,,,things happen for a reason," just doesn't heal this hole in your heart.

Love you darling girl.


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I'm sorry this happened, Tali.  Perhaps greed got the best of her and she decided to sell the puppies instead of fostering to adopt.  Shame on both of them.

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Hi Tal, 

 Yes I think they were a puppy seller all along, unfortuneately. Sometimes we only see and hear what we want to, and on the net that is so easy to do.

My heart is with you during this diffucult time of loss that seemed to happen so unforeseeably.

I hope your Whippet Girls learn more about your house and how lucky they are... and start being YOUR girls! We would love to hear more about their antics.

Your new rottie baby will be in your future at the best time.





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That is horrible! I'm sorry that happened to you. I had a similar experience with a local breeder and it was so heartbreaking. In the end though I ended up with the best pup ever! Sending positive thoughts your way. Hugs!

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Oh Tali that is so terrible- so sorry it had to happen that way.

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Tal, This is just awful but the one I really feel bad for is the puppy because he would of had the life of a king. Don't give up. It will happen . Take care of the whippets. They need you now and you need them. 


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I'm so sorry, Tal. All of us here know how excited and in love you were with that sweet boy. I hope he ends up in a home as loving and as stable as yours. 

As for the situation with the "foster", shame on them! They wanted to keep your money and everything after all of that. And trying to give you the wrong pup... Smh


Sending love and happy thoughts, 

Joelle, Sansa and Arya

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Oh, Tal, I am so sorry. Some people just suck.
I had been working with 2 different rescues since January, and finally found a little girl on eBay. I had about given up and was talking to a local breeder. I had been dogless for 4 months, the longest time ever for me. Don't give up hope, keep looking, the perfect dog is out there somewhere.

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so so sorry those people were disonest to you , are there any shelters around you that you can let know what you are looking for ? no offence but rescue groups are hard to deal with . when i was looking for a dobe i went to two of the local shelters and they kept my info of what i was looking for found two older dobes but they had to stay together and i was not able to take two . just a thought but it will all work out in the long run stay positive and keep want you want in the forefront of your mind and it will happen !!!!!!

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Thanks guys you dober people are such a great support system when lifes shoots arrows at me

Turns out that the truth came out as the discussion got heated - the "foster" was not a foster - she and her husband/boyfriend found the rottie male/female at the flea market!!!! they bought them and then had the puppies arrive, so I was totally misled by the 3rd party who put me in contact with this woman......she called her a foster and called the fee and adoption fee so what else was I to think it was??? and the one who put me in touch with the  puppy parent was the one that worked endlessly to get my Sampson to me!!!! I had no reason to not believe her.......and yes it was tragic it felt like a whole 'nother death in my family without the body.....every night my husband would come home and asked if there was any word on "our boy". After much ado the two women did apologize for the false representation and several rescue people were in contact with them about the misleading information and their behavior towards me, end result the one who helped me get Sampson was working on the puppy parent to offer me the puppy anyway. But she hasn't and life goes on.....

The "girls" are doing great, a bit barky but they are learning to sit and stay at the door while it is open until the 'ok' command, and we are working on waiting for the food bowl to be filled and placed - they are doing great - it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks, hahahahah they learn fast - well Julia does Rainie is a bit of a space cadet truly she is a piece of work......they chase birds, squirrels, and people walking by the fence.....good lord I really want a dog that doesn't run at the fence, no matter what I try I can't get that habit matter who I have in my life they all do it.

We will be closing on our new home around July 1st, so there is alot to do I hope the girls like the new place and that the stairs are not too much for them, I will be getting a chair for the stairwell personally :) but the girls will have to walk it......

Our gray cat is still trying to kill the kitten Benjaman raised we don't know why, the vet said he is fine, so I will be taking the kitten in to make sure he is ok, if they both check out ok then it's a personality's horrible.....the vet is going to give us meds for the gray cat to calm the urge to kill down.....he is currently crated and comes out for 4-5 hours during the day for attention.....while the kitten is in the closet taking his nap that he does daily......this cat thing is driving me nuts.

we have momma kitty with one her kittens Super Callie and the cat the neighbor left Malta in a kitty haven room with windows, Super Callie and Malta get to go to bed with my husband at 8-9pm to get their loving, when I go to bed around 2am Malta is ready to go back to 'her' room (momma can't come out as she is impossible to catch, the gray cat tried to kill her too) so now we have to crate the gray cat Shadowman in the same room with Momma, Callie and Malta. Handel Walker - Super Calllie's brother takes his 4-5 hour nap in our closet around 2pm so Shadowman can come out during that time but as soon as Handel is up and about we have to put Shadowman back in the crate and if we weren't moving soon we would start letting Momma Kitty out to be with Handel Walker and Fidget in the main house but we need to keep her handy to catch to take to the new place and with boxes in/out during moving we can't risk her bolting so we have to keep her in the room at all times till we move......It's insane that we have to handle our cat situation like this, it's frustrating and we feel that we are depriving them of one on one attention but I guess we aren't it just seems that way.....

After the girls pass or get really settled in - we will be getting 2 rottweilers, we just can't not have them.....hopefully southern states rottweiler will have dogs at that time.....rescues are so difficult nowadays to work with, but southern states has good dogs and great fosters and big fluffy does too.....surely someone will have the dogs I want without having to go to a breeder......I found a breeder that breeds mainly for temperament first in their rottweilers, they have titled dogs etc. but their whole website is oozing with religious sayings and guidelines like no shorts, and other things so I am not sure I want to give them my money - I dont' want my money to go to condone discrimination........a puppy doesn't care if you are wearing shorts, have tattoos or like me have purple hair so it's purely people judging others and I really don't like that so who knows if I will ever find me a rottweiler again but I want two this time round

and yes Kate the hole in my heart just keeps getting bigger and bigger to be told my home was not sufficient tore me apart as Bennie and Sammie would argue that one as well as all our other dogs


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Hi Tali.  So sorry you went through that.  So many dishonest people lately.   

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Thank you Atticus!! it is hard to believe there are so many people that really don't seem to care about the dogs and getting a good home for them. And rescues making it so hard to adopt it kinda defeats the purpose of a rescue in most cases.

I mean it shouldn't be this hard to adopt a dog that likes cats, seems that people can't be bothered to cat test or crate train or anything really. Not what it used to be even 4 years ago.

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Wow! I know I'm wayyy behind the loop, but just wanted to say that I'm so sorry you had to go through with that, Talisin!  That is horrible! I really can't believe some people.  Sounds like you are being an awesome mommy to the whippets, though, and will surely be able to give 2 new rotties an amazing home!!!