New to the Forum, just saying hello!

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Hello all,

Just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to the forum.

My name Is Marshall, together with my wife of 28 years we have raised 5 kids and numerous family pets. Our beginning years together shared a home based daycare in our home. As you can imagine we have had a WIDE variety of pets, companions and friends that called our place home.  My only Doberman was a rescue I obtained from an abusive owner when I was 17. Doobie was a handful to say the least but settled in quite well with us, my Mom and me. She quickly formed an incredible bond with my Mother. When I moved out at 18 the look and feel I received from both Doobie and Mom said “visit soon because neither one of us is coming with you”.  

I have not had a dog in over 5 years and with prompting from my wife feel I am ready for another. I have always wanted another Doberman and have been lurking here and on other sites reading all I can to make sure it’s the right decision. We no longer share our home with a daycare and my kids are all adults I believe I have the time available to be an excellent owner. In my quest to improve my abilities I may ask some questions that seem obvious, please forgive me, just striving to learn all I can before the search for a breeder begins. I believe I will begin seeking a breeder right after the first of the New Year. I want to be as prepared as possible when the search and contact begins.

Bit long winded? Sorry about that!

Have a great day! 

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Pet Profiles

Welcome! And please fell free to ask the all the questions you want.

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Pet Profiles

So happy to meet you and we can't wait to see what you need.. Ask away.. there are many ppl on this forum who have owned and loved Dobermans all their lives. we have responsible breeders.. show people... pet owners and anywhere in between including MY FAVORITE.. rescues... All have answers.. all have opinions... all love this glorious breed. Welcome!!

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Hoss is my second Doberman and yes Dobermans are a wonderful breed. 

My first Doberman had natural second Doberman had already had his ears cropped and I decided to purchase him anyway versus waiting for a future litter of pups. Fell in love Hoss's puppy pics and purchased quickly ....I did not do my homework on the ongoing process of ear posting. I got through it BUT if I had anything to do over again I would stay with the natural ears...... 



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Thank you all! I am so looking forward to this adventure! 

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Hey there!! Welcome!!

I came here years and years ago with the same purpose - I love dobermans and wanted one terribly, my sister had two females at all times and horses, my friends all had dobermans and they were lovebugs so I got a little female years ago and shortly thereafter had a serious emergency with a broken bone that required me to be away from my dobie girl in her most formative time as a puppy - I was gone for a year so my vet had to rehome her as I was on the brink of death for months and those months were important to her - I never saw her again. I desperately wanted another doberman.

I came to this group to learn more since I was trying to rescue a doberman and the rescues would not even discuss a dog with me - why I don't know.....they just wouldn't talk to me......but this group was great, they asked me questions, I asked them questions and in the end it was suggested that maybe with my time and physical constraints as a result of the injury years ago - that I might do better with a rottweiler....surprised me but after some more discussion I took their advice and researched rottweilers (I was terrified of them) but this group assured me I would love I took the plunge and adopted a senior rottie and I have never looked back I adore the rottweiler......would love to adopt another senior soon

the point of this post is to let you know that this group can help you even determine if the doberman is your best choice for you and your lifestyle - and me and my boy became honorary doberman members :) they loved him as much as I loved their dobermans

you came to the right place, I always trust Fitz, RND, Gunny for the hard in depth breed questions and DJ's Dad along with Kate and many others with the day to day much info here......

welcome and ask away!!!