male or female?

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Hi my name is Christina, I am going to be a new Dobey mommy soon. 

I am married and have 3 boys ages 18,16 and 9, my husband has a 1 year old English Bully names Marley and she is very much my husbands dog. i would like for my dobey to be a mommy dog lol i know that i would need to be the sole trainer and provider but is one gender more geared towards the female or male parent? i would like to make sure we get a good fit with having mostly males and a female dog. 

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Well this is just my 2 cents.  I have found male animals are more affectionate to human females.  It seemed to me when I have had female pets, they are always competing with me for female dominance.



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Since you already have a female dog in the house I would strongly suggest a male. I (woman) have had both male and female Dobes and all have bonded strongly with me. My current female is more snuggly with me than my last male. The dog will usually become more attached to the person who trains/spends time with him.

Every dog is different. Most of our dogs have bonded with me primarily as I'm the one who does everything. The most bonded Doberman I ever had was a bitch that followed me around like I was her sun and moon - for the first 9 years she slept on one of my daughters bed (until she left for college). She was great with everyone in the family... but everyone knew she was my dog. 

It is best to choose the opposite sex of the dog you already have - generally they live together peacefully for the most part. 

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In my experience, my female was the best. I adopted 2 males at different times, and I found their prey drive way too high.

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You could not pay me to keep a male Doberman.

Females are the way to go...