Eating stuff they are not supposed to...

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Looked up today to see one girl snatch something up off the floor at work and eat it. God only knows what it could have been. Could have been nothing to worry about or could have been something bad...

Was long gone by the time I got to her and cranked her mouth open to look.

Either way, I didn't 'give' it to her OR tell her she could have it. Pretty sure she knew what was coming when I told her, 'Whatever you just swallowed - You are about to give it back... Dummy'.

Had a helper squirt the peroxide down her gullet while I sat on her and held her jaws open. That dog had no 'choice' in the matter...

15 minutes later she was emptied out and I didn't have to stress about whatever it may have been any more as far as if it was something toxic or not. It wasn't 'in there' any longer.  


The guy that helped me learned first hand how to make a dog puke quickly and with little effort should the need ever arise for him and one of his dogs in the future. I learned something as well from todays 'incident'. Having the 'proper' tools and supplies at home does you zero good if you are AWAY from home and need them.

Home tools:

The stuff I had 'readily available' at work today was some very old peroxide and a large, semi clean glue syringe for squirting with. The syringe worked but old peroxide sucks. I had read that it does not last forever and WILL go bad over time but saw it today first hand. Fresh stuff would have made a lot more bubbles and took a lot less time to empty that dog out with the same amount being used.

That stuff does lose potency evidently. Bottle at work also did not tell what the percentage was supposed to be to begin with so that may have contributed as well.

Not a big fan of peroxide so do not keep the stuff as handy and fresh in many places as I suppose I should. A tiny little cut or scratch - Possibly, but anything bigger than that? Hell no. Good for puking but past that I just don't have much of a use for it.









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Yep, dandy stuff when they've swallowed something they shouldn't. I've used it more than a few times.

A couple of cautions with it - you only want to use the 3% you can get in the store, not the pure stuff. The pure stuff will burn the hell out of everything it touches, unless you water it WAY down.

And yes, it gets old. For what a bottle costs - cheap! - it's much preferable to a vet visit. You can give them a tablespoon of it, and if they don't throw up within 15 minutes, you can give them another dose.

Obviously, if they've swallowed a caustic poison or something sharp, you don't want that coming back up. But for socks (!), shredded toys, grapes, etc., it works great.

As for people uses, it's great to gargle with when you have a sore throat or are coming down with a cold. You can also put it in your ears to flush them out. (And listen to the bubbles - LOL!)

I've used a turkey baster and peroxide a few times - haha - damn dogs are like goats sometimes! It does not always work to get whatever they ate out..... but it has saved me plenty in vet bills on occasion!

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A couple of cautions with it - you only want to use the 3% you can get in the store, not the pure stuff. The pure stuff will burn the hell out of everything it touches, unless you water it WAY down.


Good info. 

Something I learned dealing with wounds over the years is that even the 3% stuff is not always the best choice for any tissue that is trying to heal. Those bubbles do not discriminate between good cell tissue or bad.

Notice the top part of the dogs back in this picture below:

See the thin spots in her fur?


That is about 3/4 of the way to fully healed after a very, very bad truck accident where after the vehicle stopped tumbling down the road she extricated herself from the crate and then shot through the back glass. No joke. The witness that stopped to help described it to me in detail after we all got out of the hospital. That dog peeled herself like a banana going through the crate and then the glass to the tune of several hundred stitches. Multiple colors of stitches because the Vet ran out of some kinds and had to use others... 

I have pictures taken at the Vet before she was put back together but not keen on sharing due to how graphic they are.

Suffice to say that when all was said and done and she had fully healed you would have had to have been shown the exact place to look to be able to spot a scar. We went through gallons of 1/4 strength Dakins keeping those wounds clean while she was healing and nothing ever came close to getting infected. Peroxide would not have been a good choice at all.



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damn dogs are like goats sometimes!



DoberGoats! :)