DJ Passed Level 2 Obedience

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Monday night was our final class in Level 2 Obedience.  DJ passed with flying colors.  She was the youngest of 5 dogs in class, and in 4 short weeks she learned so many new skills.  The final test was a series of commands in rapid succession...the instructor wrote these commands on the board, and we had to do them without any breaks in between commands...just 'bang-bang-bang'. 

To begin with, I left her in a down-stay and walked away for about 30 feet, turned around and called her to come.  She ran to me and stopped, facing me, with a beautiful centered 'sit'.  Then I told her to stand, which she did by lifting herself up with her back legs only and not moving forward with her front feet at all.  Next, I told her to back up, and she took 3 - 4 steps backwards, while still focused on me.  The next command was 'side', and she whipped around to my left side and sat at heel position.  Then we 'heeled' at a fast pace, then a slow pace back across the room to the opposite wall from where we were.  I had her sit/stay, then do a 'settle' (that's where she lies on her side, head down, and lies motionless until released) then sit again and 'wait' in position while I opened a door to go outside.  THAT was her downfall---she could only wait for a nano-second.  LOL  As soon as my hand was on the doorknob, she was up and wanting to go outside. We need to work on that one. She still passed the course and the instructor told me that DJ was awesome for being able to focus and learn so many complex commands while she is still so young.

Our next endeavor starts 2 weeks from today and it will be for 'off leash training'.....she has no off leash skills at all right now, so THAT should be interesting, if not entertaining. Looking towards a simple Agility for Fun class for later this fall, also.


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Awesome!!!! I cant wait to start this when I get my dober-baby!! remind me how old DJ is again?

But that is so great!!! I love seeing the Doberman excell at something!!



Hurray DJ and Paul! Good job.   I like that you taught her the kick back stand, it is far more impressive than the other method where the dog walks forward into a stand and will come in very handy in all other obedience avenues in case you ever go on to compete. The back command up is harder to teach especially at such a young age, do you have any good suggestions for that one.

In Rally Excellent courses they have you heel and immediately go into a back up 3 steps with the dog staying in heel position while doing so. At one show we happened to luck out and did an awesome job with it which the judge made a comment at ribbon time that it was the best back up 3 steps she had ever seen. Pure luck on our part that day.

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Congratulations!  GO, DJ!!!

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Congrats .. wish I could watch a dobie doing agility.

hugs, Bet

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Thanks, you guys.  I am extremely proud of her, but I would be proud of her even if she just sat there like a lump during testing.  :)

@Amanda--She just turned 9 months old on the 12th--three days ago.

@Desiree--When teaching her to back up, I placed a couple of kitchen chairs about 2 ft from the wall, which made a narrow passage so that she really didnt have much choice but to walk backwards a few steps. I stepped towards her, forcing her to back up.  After she got the hang of walking a few steps backwards, then I put a command to the action, "back up", and she understood what I meant.  Out in the open, she would just turn and walk away.  We practiced this about a billion times.  LOL   Gradually, I would move the chairs a little farther away from the wall.

I dont really have any intentions in competing, I just want her to be a great doberman. 

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Congrats to both of you! Enzo is taking his AKC puppy star class tonight...hoping to pass in 112 heat ..

thanks will try that one. Paul she is well on her way to being a great Doberman and with you on the lead teaching her she will no doubt impress everyone she meets. Good Job!

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How impressive!  Congratulations!

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DJ's Dad

Congrats to DJ and Paul on a job well done.



I taught Shelbi how to back up by telling her "back" and giving a light nudge in her chest, she would move from the pressure.  After working with that for a while I started telling her back with a hand motion pushing her away.  Then we stopped with the hand motion and went with "back".  She will do it in a stand or sit position.  The sit position is funny she will lightly lift her rump up and scoot herself backwards.  Also she will operate off the hand with no verbal.  I used pressure as that is how I trained my horses and they respond.  Not a trainer at all, but this worked for me.


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Attar girl DJ. Way to go Paul. Congrats to both of you.

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Hey Paul and D.J. We are so proud of both of you a HUGE



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Congrats! That is awesome!!!

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She sure has grown into quite the girl she did great it sounds like an impressive class would love to have seen her in action. Hugs to DJ and a big pat on the back to you!!!! Great Job!!!!

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Good job Paul and DJ... Can't wait to hear about you Kickin butt and Takin names in the next class!! Now, do you have any advice on how to train Skyler to put her toys back when she's done playing with them... cuz she's a slob!! lol

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WOW; nothing quite as impressive as a well behaved Doberman!  My props to you and DJ!