Crate training: will 2 crates be confusing?

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Hello, I am getting ready to get puppy and will be crate training. This is question I have: will having 2 crates be confusing to puppy? Anyone has experience with this?

This is what I am thinking-
My bedroom is upstairs and I will place main crate by my bed for the night. During the day, while I am gone to work, all action is downstairs, in living room, where I have big low sitting window that looks out to the street. Both cats hang around in there looking through the window. If I put another crate downstairs and keep puppy there during the day, would that be better the him being upstairs in the bedroom?

I have friend who will let me borrow extra crate if I want to go this way.

Downstairs is also closer to the door when I come home for lunch to let puppy out to potty.

What are your recommendations?

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Nope it shouldn't be an issue at all.  Its the concept that is important of training to be comfortable in confinement, not necessarily the crate on its own.  

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nah, in fact being closer to you is a good thing...they don't love being left all alone for long periods, they really do want to be with their people..

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Should be great. It doesn't matter how many crates you have it only matters that the dog sees it as a safe place like a den, it's no different than having multiple dog beds around the house. When the dog learns those are "his" he will go there when he wants to nap or just chill out, the crates will become a comfort zone.