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Today I went to Pet Supplies Plus in Lafayette, Indiana and on Fridays and Saturdays they have adoptable dogs there from a local no kill shelter. There was a four year old red male doberman there today for adoption. They said his owners turned him in because they had a baby and didnt have time for him now. He looked sad. I petted him and talked to him for awhile. He was sweet. He is thin. I cannot get him because I already have a male doberman and two other dogs. I hope someone good gets him.

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It's hard to see all the dogs that need homes for some reason or other, I work in rottweiler rescue and some of the reasons dogs are turned in are just, for lack of a better term, Stupid......I sincerely hope that this dobie finds a long term loving home......thanks for sharing his story

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That's sad.  Geez...At 4 they don't have time for him?  I sure hope they don't have any more children now then.  What will they do with this child if they have another baby in the future, take it to an orphanage because they don't "have time for it now"?  Ugh, some people.  

ugghhh - some people are just idiots!  Sure you aren't going to have a lot of time for the dog when you have a new baby, but most 4 year old dogs will be fine with what time you do have.  A few pats on the head a quick walk will get them by till you have a little more time.  It would be different if they had a puppy that still needed training ... but a 4 year old dog should be pretty easy.

I have raised my kids with dogs - and while I didn't show or even train when my kids were small, I still found time to pet my dogs and go for short walks.... they didn't seem to mind!  My dogs have always been part of the family - and you don't dump your family. 

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I hope this boy finds himself a great home with a family who will love him to pieces. If only my mother had the time and space to take in a dog at the moment. I do hope he finds a home soon though.

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I had a Doberman puppy and a two year old son (talk about TROUBLE!).  They were inseperable.  Basically, at that age, you raise them the same.  Thank goodness he's at a no-kill shelter, at least.