Looking for a new pup or adult Doberman to add to my family

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I hope I have placed this in the right category.

I live in Ohio and I'm looking for a new family member of the Doberman variety some time in January. I would like either a pup or an adult. Excellent temperament is a must and if an adult must be well socialized with and good with younger children. I have a 6yr old son. I also want a healthy animal with a sound body and mind. I am not interested in breeding or showing, however would be interested in obedience trials. My dog would be a pet and family companion and most definietly be spayed/neutered. I am only interested in a black or a red, NO color dilutes. I do not want to deal with color dilute alopecia. I have been researching breeders in the Ohio and tri-state area and have found a couple breeders I am interested in. I want to find a breeder that does health testing for vWD, cardio, thyroid, and OFA hips. Have any of you dealt with or know anything about the following breeders:

Wingsong Dobermans in South Bend, IN

Cambria Dobermans (I'm told they are in Ohio but cannot find their location anywhere on their website)

Springhaven Dobermans in Burbank, OH

Kaywood Dobermans in Cincinnati, OH


Does anyone have a breeder in this area they can recommend? Thanks so much for any suggestions you might be able to make. I would be willing to travel to middle to lower Michigan, north or south east Indiana, and of course Ohio.


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If you're considering an adult, have you done any research on rescues in your area?  There are a few rescues in Ohio.

As for breeders in Ohio, there's a great list of breeders on http://dpca.org under Breeder Referral along the top of the page.

Yes I have considered rescue and there are several in this area, but they won't adopt to me either because I have a child under 8 yrs old or because I don't have a fenced in yard. I find this very frustrating. One of the rescues would concider adopting to me without the fence, but only if I accept an older adult. I would prefer a younger adult. I want our dog to be a part of our lives for more than a few years. The Doberman life span is short enough the way it is.They have a wonderful 1.5yr old whom they say is very sweet, well mannered in the house, listens well, and is great with kids, but won't consider her to me because I have no fence. It is very possible to be a great dog owner without a fence and still make sure the dog gets plenty of exercise. I've done it many times before and my dogs were well adjusted, happy and healthy.

So it is for this reason that I'm turning to a breeder when I would much rather rescue :( 

Oh and yes I have been to the DPCA website  That is where I found a couple of the breeders I mention in my first post.

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 This is the info I found on the home page for Cambria Dobermans.

Thanks jerial13! I filled out the puppy questioniare on Cambria's website but have not heard anything back from yet. I figured with the holidays is may be awhile until I hear back from them.