Doberman needs rehoming ASAP (Denver, CO)

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I may have posted this in the wrong section before: And if anyone has responded Im sorry for not responding.

7yr old female doberman needs re-homing she loves people, very playful, loves to help around the yard. Wt. 60-70lbs, ht sitting @3ft, never spayed, has never matted, but does suffer from false pregnancies, which has made her nipples enlarged. I like the puppy look on her so I never had her tail or ears clipped. She is very healthy, loves to run and jump, will follow you and try to do every trick you perform. She is super smart, not huge barker, very protective when she needs to be. Leashed trained,kennel and knows simple commands (sit stay wait and her favorite get ball).
She loves car rides going to the mountains, I take her camping quiet often.  She swims, plays with sticks and chases anything. She like cuddling, sleeping on feet, and stealing the covers for fun! Truly an outside dog in the summer but does not do so well with cold weather.  She is a great companion for someone that can give her lots of one on one time.
Right now because of current situation she is in her kennel for almost 12hrs a day and it breaks my heart to have to keep her in this situation. So I am hoping to get her re-homed ASAP.

I am in Denver Co and haven't had to much luck with the Doberman rescue places here so any information would be extremely appreciated.

****she has never interacted with small children***** great for teenagers****lately her patients for small animals is very short she will play for awhile but would rather have a human companion.****

have you looked into hiring a dog walker or using a doggie day care? It is not easy to rehome an older Doberman (or any older dog) and if there is any way you can keep her then you should try to work it out.  Breed rescues are normally pretty full - and finding homes for older dogs is (again) hard to do. 

Also, be sure to spay her before rehoming her OR deciding to keep her. At her age, those false pregnancies are hard on her body and she could easily end up with a life threatening pyometria. 

I will tell you that if you end up taking her to a shelter, they will most likely euthanize her. People want puppies and young dogs. When people dump their older dogs, they don't do well, and some stranger gets to hold them while they are euthanized. I personally would rather see people take their old dogs to the vet and have them put down than dump them in a shelter...... that way they aren't fooling themselves that someone will surely give their dumped dog a home.  JMHO

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I feel so sad for you.  I know what you mean about feeling bad having her kenneled for too long.  Mine is only kenneled up to 4 hours at a time between breaks during the day, but I still hate it.  The Doberman is such a smart dog, you feel like the dog needs to be free. 

My dog has great behaviors for being a puppy - no issues I've noticed at all, and I'm a first time Doberman owner.  I've considered donating her to a police department or something just because I want her to have the best life possible, because she is such a great dog. 

I wish you all the very best in rehoming!  Unfortunately, I don't have any advise for you, and can't take her off of your hands.  Again, Best Wishes~

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I agree an older dog is usually euthanized and spaying is a great idea before rehoming and if not spayed then greedy uncaring people will breed her if she is not spayed they don't care how old the dog is so it's imperative she be spayed for her own health and well being.

If she is such a good dog then I would try to find the dog walker, daycare or some other way of keeping her without kenneling her for long periods as Fitz has said......

And never list a dog on craigslist that is a death sentence for most dogs, keep trying rescues if you have to, but she is getting on in years and it will be very hard to rehome her without stressing her tremendously.