Vet said not to post for two weeks after surgery is this correct?

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I got zeus's ears cropped today and the vet (who was recommended to me by the breeder and by far the best I could find in my area after researching) said to wait two weeks after the surgery before I start posting. The breeder told me he would say that, but he also told me too go ahead and post right after the surgery because that's what works best for him. I'm torn on what to do I just want what is safest and the best thing for my boy. Please help

actually, your vet is right. The incision needs to heal completely before you start to post.

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After the stitches are removed and the scabs have mostly healed is when most cropping vets out here recommend to start posting. You don't want to post to soon it may cause too much discomfort while the stitches are in and the ear is a bit tender during this time too. our vet used a cup method while the stitches were in it allowed for the ears to have air while stitched and ears be upright

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Hmmmm---my vet crops and puts supports (sort of like posting) using tape and rigid supports in the ears immediately.  The tape and supports only go up the middle of the ears, though, and do NOT cover the stitches or the cut edge of the ear. After the stitches come out and the edges are healed, then I use backer rod and tape to post as long as I need to.  That's the way I have always done it.

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Phin's ears got posted after the stitches came out, so about 10 day post-op, and his ears are beautiful, so I would go with what your vet says.  I wouldn't want you to attempt to post and end up pulling on the sutures and damaging the crop.

my vet is going to wait to do the posting until 9 to 10 days after the cropping when the sutures are removed. From my understanding it is best to wait because it is such a painful iirdeal for the puppy.

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I think every vet is different.  Some prefer to wait and other don't. 

My vet glued Fletchers ears to a cup to hold them up, directly after surgery.  That was there for about two weeks.  During this time the top stitches were removed first at week one and then a week later the lower.  Once the cup falls off it's clean the ears and off to the vet for his first posting. 

So, the idea is the same, only the ears are help up from day one.  He also prefers to post as close to 8 weeks at possible, pretty much keeping the ears up until the cartilage matures.  

Also, I am no expert and just explaining what my vet did.  

The cup is not actually there to make the ears stand - it is there to keep the edge stretched so that it does not pucker.  My cropping vet uses the cup method as well, and I like it. However, I know of others who glue the ears over the top of the head (colostomy glue just like with the cup) to keep them from flapping around while healing and that seems to work fine also.  Newly cut ears should never be covered with tape.

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The vet I used that cropped London's ears also told me to wait at least 5 days after removing the sutures for them to heal.  But, the antibiotic ointment he gave me to put on it cleared them up within a couple days and I started the posting then.  She had more irritation from me holding her that from anything else and did well! 

Good luck!