TUMS 1000mg Feed puppy tums or rolaids after cutting

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Alice she had a floppy ear one looked great and one was a pancake after the first posting i worked with posting ear for maybe two weeks yea one ear standing perfect other ear was pancake flat and seemed to be really limp.   Got a good buddie of mine he is a dog trainer and knows alot about training dogs and health of a dog.   talking to him soon after alice ears was done he said man just give her some tums or rolaids it will make it stand up.    Three days went by feeding her tums 1000 she loved them like treats time to freshing up posting and BAM left ear hard has rock and never limped ever again.  You can believe this or not I dont care but i know what it did to my babys ears.   dogs at puppy stage when teething most all calicum intake goes toward there teeth and cartlige in ears gets shorted is what i made out of it anyways do what you make out of it just a TIP