A tip for Ears and Teething/Help with her Left Ear

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My breeder gave me a tip for when Roxi started teething and how it affected her ears.  So, I figured I'd share it with you :]


My breeder told me that the calcium was being taken from the ears when her teeth started to form, so she told me to put a tablespoon of cottage cheese in each meal to help.  And no joke, it helped A LOT!


My only problem is that Roxi's left ear seems to want to lean over her head when she really perks them up.  When she's got the posts in (I use tampons), it looks good!  It doesn't seem to want to tilt over or anything, it's only when she doesn't have a post in.  My breeder said it was because when I put the tampon in and taped it she was tilting her head, but even still it doesn't seem to matter?  Is this fixable, or did I just mess up my puppy's look? :[