Posting: bell abrasions, otitis media... what else?

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We have a 17-week old boy (Udo) with a long show crop and VERY low cut bells.  He was cropped at 7 weeks.  Posting technique has been using the cylindrical "caulk saver" foam cut to length (now we are at 5/8") wrapped in Zonas porous tape, glued with latex bonding cement to the inside of the ear and taped across tip and at base, with a low tape brace.  We've had lots of trouble with the bottoms of the posts popping out because of the low cut, and were told to really shove them down into the canal and tape the base low.  Adhesive was even used to keep the base taping on.  A week and a half ago we had to take them down due to abrasions in the ear that could become infected.  After that cleared up we reposted, only to have him develop an otitis media in one ear, so we took him down again.  He has pretty thin ear leather, and he is standing pretty well up to the tips, but no doubt he will be flopping by tomorrow.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Would using the pipe insulation technique be less rough on his ears?  My wife is fed up and wants me to leave them down.  He is a magnificent dog and I disagree with her.  Thanks mucho. 

Hi Dobie gillis

I can relate to your frustration ( "My wife is fed up and wants me to leave them down" ) .


When I got Jewel , it had been awhile since our last dobe and wanting to see if ear posting had changed much , we used to use aluminum wolf racks back in the day , taped and glued to the poor little fella's head , I went on youtube and found this

That is what I used for Jewel's ears and it worked GREAT ! Maybe it'll help you out .

Good luck and keep us up-to-date .

p.s. Never Relent !!!

p.s.s.  We'er picture freaks here , dust off that camera ! LOL

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Thanks Gunslinger.  The video looks like a variation on what we've been doing but in this case no tape at bottom of post to inflam ethe skin, no tape around bell (presumably good for keeping fresh air in and let moisture out) and no brace to pull the ears in (and maybe pull the post bottoms out?).  We'll give it a try once his ear dries up.  I uploaded a pic to my gallery.  Soon as I can figure it out I'll put one up on the posts...

 What I liked about the backing rod is that it's so light not to mention cheap ( at lowes tile and grout section ) . Don't be afraid to shove the backing rod deep in the pocket , it will stop .  I got to where I wouldn't even put the elastikon tape on the rod , would just stuff the rod and use the zonas porous,  a strip close to the bottom and and a strip near the top end but her ears nearly standing on thier own by then .

Your welcome and Good luck to Ya !

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Pet Profiles

gun_slinger -- thank you SO MUCH for posting this video I was able to tape Steve's ears way better after watching this!

My last 2 litters most of the puppies were cut with long show crops and the bell being cut extremely low. Both times we used the same cropper. I could not get any post to stay in the ear with traditional wrapping. I was at a dog show when a well known Doberman person offered to show me the only way to wrap this particular croppers ears. Since then I've wrapped all ears like this because I like the air to flow in the canal. I do something very similar to how you post using the exact same material but the posts are from the nub in the ear on up. We then brace them in a different manner that holds them off of the head.

I know exactly what you are talking about with this crop, in fact I'm curious who did the cropping on your dog. May be the same person. I in fact had another friend that swore she could get the post to stay in my dogs ears and it wouldn't hurt him. Well I let her do it and 2 days later one had popped out and both ears were very cut up inside and extremely sore. Most crops putting something in the base is not a problem but when you have a show cut with extremely low cut bells it is. Usually the bell holds the post in but not with this particular show cut. 

I'm hoping this link works it will show how to post the way I was taught.

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Finally I made the connection with the low brace. I thought up till now it was just a tape brace, it actually has a backer rod in it. I will have to remember that on my next Dobie. That seems as if it would be easier on all of the crops because you then don't have to stick the bottom of the rod in the bell (even if there is some bell left).

Twenty eight years of Dobies and still learning new things about posting.

Thanks for sharing that link as well.

I absolutely love this method of posting. It is easy on the puppy and the air circulates.

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Gunslinger, that was a fascinating demo of posting!  I had never seen it done before.  That sweet girl that was having her ears done was such a doll!!!  I can't believe that she just sat there without fussing. OMG, she was so beautiful. Our breed is so beautiful!  I don't think I would have any trouble posting if I had such a good patient.  What do you do if they're squiriming around and objecting?  I "get it" about usng the bridge on the bottom so that you don't have to stuff the foam thing down in their ear.  Seems very logical.  When taping the bottom, do you kind of pull up the ear so that it is standing and then tape?  So interesting!

The bridge on the bottom serves the purpose to stretch the ears off of the head and hold them in place. When you typically wrap the traditional way you put the post deep in the ear and stretch the ear up on the post. It can't sink back down because it is placed well into the bell of the ear. With posting in the manner that I do with the link that Iv'e included you have nothing to really stretch the ear off of the head unless you include the bottom brace. So yes to answer your question you do have to pull the ear up throughout the entire proceedure.