Painful blistering?

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Hello Everyone,

I had Oakleys ears done a while back by a reputable doctor in my area, and I've had nothing but problems.  Almost a month after posting he started to develope painful blistering around the edges of his ears.  I immedietly stopped posting to let these blisters heal.  As soon as I start posting again, the blisters show up again right after.  I changed what kind of tape I use, what kind of posts I use, I've been changing them everynight, and they never get wet.  Well sadly, I decided to stop posting all together. These blisters were just a pain for all parties, and it wasn't worth it for Oakley's sake. Well, it has been a few months since I've posted his ears, AND THE BLISTERS ARE RETURNING! I took him to the vet and they said it was just a blood blister, and that they will go away.  It's NOT going away.  Its getting bigger, and I don't know how to help him anymore.  I've been putting neosporin on it, and I've been cleaning it with peroxide.  Has anyone ever had a problem like this?  It doesn't seem to be bothering him unless I try to clean it, and then it seems like he is in pain.  

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That's so weird ? Hmmmm have you ever had him skin scrapes for mites by your vet? I would look into changing vets possibly or going to a different one for a second opinion ! My vet does my postings now and he uses gauze pads on the tips and bottom part of his ears to not irritated them. He also doesn't put the posting in his ear canal at all:) which is something I am great fun for.
I would probably get a second opinion though :/ I'm truly sorry it's no fun when they are hurting :(