No Post first 2 weeks?

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My pretty girl Sucre got her ears cropped on Tuesday. She came home with her ears taped up using a medicine box. The tech told me that if the box started to fall off to just take it off and let the ears flop because the most important part right now was letting the incision heal and in two weeks we would start the posting process. Well her ears look GREAT, healing so quickly. What I'm concerned about is letting them be floppy (the box came off on day 3), I know every vet has a little different way with doing things so I was just looking for opinions from experienced Dobie owners as I am a newbie and possibly just a paraniod about doing everything right lol.

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The reason why they are letting the ears just flop, is because they want to insure that they heal completely before you start the posting. When posting, you'll find out that the ears don't breathe as much as they would without the tape. You have to pay a lot of attention to them, to make sure they don't get an infection underneath the tape, and just have a whole new process added to your life.

However, when you do start posting, try to put some baby powder on the backs of the ears to make sure that the hair doesn't stick to the tape. And when you think that you're done posting, post again.

If there is ever a question with the posting, feel free to post on here! Someone will be able to give some insite on the problem!