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Hi guys! We have a 13 week old Dobie female and I have a couple of questions regarding posting her ears. She was cropped at 9 weeks and my vet was doing the posting for me. But after I read some posts here, I was concerned about a couple of things she has said to me about it. She like to wait after I take the posts out for the ears to "fall" before posting them again. (Which I have read is a no-no). So I came here to read the tutorial so I could do them myself . I also can't jeep taking time off work to run her to the vet to get her ears done. So I guess my question is how did I do? Please feel free to critique, I would like to make sure this is successful. .lol.

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I don't think your pic of your posting up loaded :/ but here's a pic of what mine look like from my vet. The posting does not sit inside his ear canal and he very happy about that! I