Nancy Drew & The Case Of The Mysterious Wet Bandages

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Harlow has had her ears posted only twice.

Each time, I have had to do an "emergency removal" of the tape, etc. because they were stinking, which meant she got moisture underneath the bandages.

This puppy is monitored every minute of every day, so I have absolutely NO CLUE how she got water anywhere NEAR her ears!  Each time she does it, the skin trapped under the wet tape becomes raw, and we can't post for another week. I'm concerned about her setting herself back like this, as it prolongs this unpleasant process, and may mean the ears will not stand as well. The vet bridges the ears while they heal, but bridging is obviously not the same as posting.

Does anyone have any brilliant ideas on how I might be able to keep my puppy's ears dry?!

Bi-weekly vet trips and stinky, wet ears are not working for either of us.

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Ooooo I'm so sorry for your girl.. that must really be uncomfortable.

Sad to say, I don't pay a lot of attention to the posting posts as Sofia came to us all grown up and a really nice pet crop... but I KNOW I've seen threads on this and it seems to me there are different kinds of tapes you can use to avoid trapping moisture..

If I were you.. I'd do a search or even PM rnddobermans and get her wonderful suggestions. She's  been invaluable help for many on this Forum

Good luck

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Definately ask RNDdoberman she will know for sure.

Jeri & Shelbi

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I'm pretty sure she's allergic to the tape you have if this happened twice already... Try using an alternative of hypoallergenic glue and sponges. There was a tutorial about that method here on the forums somewhere. Poor girl :(