How do you keep the other one away during healing?

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Sasha came home yesterday from having her ears cropped and of course Major wants to help her get the block off of her head....i had expected this but wasn't really prepared for what it would be like....their normal routine of play is to roll in a ball and mouth each other and they are not understanding why i'm not allowing it and poor guy he's wondering why he keeps getting in trouble and made to move away from her head...i understand i have to do what's best for her and i can keep her in the kennel but man that's hard....just wondering if that's how others handled it...

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When I got Zelda's ears cropped, we didn't have Sophia, our malti-poo, or Ashe, our GSD/Lab/Chow mix, and Patch wasn't interested in playing, so we never had a problem. Sorry, rmk :(

Erika and Zelda

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We had to keep L&L separated during the process.  At first we had one crate with a divider.  Once they got too big (a matter of days it seemed like  HA!) we bought another crate.  We restricted their together time and they were only together when supervised.  It was torture for all.  We had to "cycle" them in and out.

Now Lola's tape has been off (2 weeks today - YAY!  I will post photos soon).  Lance has one more week of taping (fingers crossed, it is amazing how through the tape you can see them getting stronger - one ear used to lean in even when taped you could see it and it now stands tall).  We let them play a bit more each day and add some unsupervised play time (although we are always close by).  We won't leave them alone together yet.

They have almost lost all of their baby teeth, which I heard usually coincides with their ears standing, although I don't think that is scientifically proven.

Next Lola will be spayed and we will have to keep them separate again.  It's tough times, but all things pass.