Hope for an 8 month old?

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I am considering adopting an 8 month old Dobe with cropped ears that flop forward halfway up the base. While my decision as to whether to take her will certainly not depend on the success of her ear cropping, I'm curious as to whether there's any chance I might be able to get them to stand if I post them. She's such a pretty girl and if she's already had the surgery, she may as well get the full benefit. I've posted before, so the mechanics of it are no problem. Also, how common is stringing and how stressful would it be for the dog? I'd rather post but if it's minimally invasive, we may as well do it when she gets spayed.

What is the history behind the ears do you know? For example how long have they been allowed to flop, what have the previous owners tried so far and why did they give up? When you ask about stringing are you talking about implants in the ear? If so I've known of very few that have had that done. I would definitily consider it if she were mine and she wasn't going to be shown. Like you said if it is fairly invasive which I would think would be then why not. YOu would have her under for the spay anyways. Make sure you find someone that really knows what they are doing. In fact I would ask for recomendations.

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When you are talking about flopping are you talking about a crease? Since she's 8 months old, the cartilage has stiffened and it may be a crease. If they just curl outward and flop, then there is hope. My 7 year old red male was cropped late, because I got him late and at first neither ear stood. I posted and posted and posted and finally decided it was no use. Then sometime after he was six months old I tried again and the right ear finally stood. However, the left ear has a crease and there is no hope. Since he is a pet and companion, I decided not to put him through the invasive surgery of having an implant. The natural ear, even when it stands still has a flexibility that may not be there with an implant. It is implanting a foreign object which I decided not to do to my boy.

Here is an example of a crease:

Note that the crease has a sharp break because there is in effect a crease in the cartilage.