He can make them both stand

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My six month boy has an ear that flops while one stands when he is listening to something HOWEVER - he can make them both stand. My two year old's ears usually act in unison. Is he being lazy or do I need to repost that one ear. His ears have been unposted for about one month now. Need your advice. 

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I would keep posting.   He is only 6 months?  Seems like an awfully short time for posting.  My Tiberius did the same with one ear standing and one falling,  but I kept posting both, then I just taped for a while at the end.  He was almost a year posting till he would hold erect, and I thought that was a short time span, but he held them up.  (He did not have his ears cropped till he was 12 weeks, and he does have the long show crop)  All that work, you want them to look good!

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Yep keep posting you stopped to early.