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I have been doing my research, and it looks like Flex has eating anxiety. I cant seem to get him to eat alone. Its like I have to stand in the room. I have tried to pick the food up and  then put it back down later. and the same thing. I worry becasue when, he does eat, he only eats about 3 cups aday. I dont think its enough, but I am not really sure? I want him to be healthy and right weight. Any tips I can try, for getting him to eat would be greatfully appreciated.


They are odd things dobes .. They can get frieked out about silliest of things & it quickly becomes a habit . Equally though , habit changing can be quick too . What do you feed him ? Could you try to put a tablespoon of fish through it ? I give Mina her complete food with some mackerel in olive oil or maybe dome roast chicken . Just a little bit . Also moisten the dried food a tiny bit . Could you change the floor area where he eats & stay with him & gradually leave the room & go back in ? Mina eats hers quite quickly so ime usually in the kitchen with her anyway . Good luck x