ear posting video that helped me

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Very simple and very effective way of posting.  I tried this as my first attempt at posting.  I didn't realize the left ear wasn't all the way in until I placed the tampon in the right ear.  At that point it was already taped so I figured I would let it go and see what happened.  The right ear popped the tampon out almost immediately after letting the dog free, so it was redone and has stayed complete for about the last 12 hours.  I read many horror stories about posting the ears so I'm going to go ahead and call this a success.

The dog absolutely hates the process and has been trying everything he can think of to rid himself of the posts.  I feel bad for him, but it's not forever.  We committed to the crop so we've committed to the posting process.

Here's a pic of Brody and myself.  He's 11 weeks old.