Ear posting( i am new to this so please tell me if i do it right) Update!

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Because my previous post didnt have pictures and it was really hard for people to  help me with their opinions i decided to make anothe post using pictures.



I used cartboard to make the postings at first with a bumb so i will fix the pockets on theseus ears.











But then i remove them because Theseus ear had a wound and i decided to left it unposted till the wound heals.


Instead i used ear cleaner sticks and tape them in the inside of Theseus ears so i wont let it completely uposoted.What you think of Theseus ears? Should i keep posting?He is at 12 of this month he become 4 motnhs old.

Please tell me what u think.











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I heard using a cup is the best way to go with posting. My puppy is getting his ears done soon and this is the method im going to use