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The puppy i'm buying in mid April will be getting her ears cropped on March 14th.  She will be 14 weeks old then which i question as being late but it is in the breeders care until i pick her up on April 22.  Will she be still wearing posts by then?  I never experienced the cropping care with Toki.  He was already almost a year old when i got him. 

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Seems late but i have heard from some people til 16 weeks others max is 12... depends on the cartilage and the crop i suppose but that seems late from all i learned here.... ask the breeder if they can be done earlier... she is prob ready for her crop now..

That is very late WHY is the breeder waiting so long? This is not normal for cropping.

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My experience has generally been at 11-12 weeks. It is unusual to wait to 14 weeks unless there is a reason to do so. If she is a smallish puppy, it could be the ears are not ready because of her size and the thickness of her ears. My vet will always feel the thickness and then adjust the surgery date based on that. Red was cropped late because I was delayed in picking him up, and as a result I had trouble with them.

If you pick her up in mid-April and she was cropped in Mid March, then they will still be in posts most likely. Allow 1 1/2 weeks for the edges to heal and that means they will only have been posted about 2 1/2 weeks. It is not uncommon for ears to be posted for 4-6 weeks or longer depending on the length of the cut. The longer the cut, the longer they will have to be posted.

You might ask her to take the posts out a day before you pick her up and show you how to post. It is easier to follow the instructions if you have seen it done once.