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DieselBoy got his ears cropped today!  he is 11 weeks old now and has had 3 of his 4 shots. we are excited for the results but we are aware that it will take a lot of work to get there as far as posting/wrapping and nutrition.  Please help us with these questions if you have gone though the same thing.

1. What is the ideal diet and nutrition for an 11 week old puppy who just got his ears cropped?

2. what happens to the training and corrections that we make to his behaviour? he has a cone on top of his head where the ears are taped to, and Im concerned about him trying to scratch his ear, being playful and leaning the cone onto something and making it wobbly and loose...  do we change the training and exercise routine? or stick to the same elements? what happens if the tape or cone comes off?  what are the chances of having to go back to re-tape before the 12 days of going to get the stiches off?

3. Dr did not give any antibiotic, is that common? he did give some pain medication, to use if he is "too excited" how can one tell if a dog is in pain? Is over-activity a sign of pain in dogs? is there any other sign?

4. how long (how many weeks or months?) of taping and posting did it take for your dogs ears to stand right and complete the treatment? 

thank you so much for your support

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awwww what a doll baby!!!! those eyes are so compelling......I think nowadays vets are trying to get away from automatically giving antibiotics and using them only when needed; pain meds are on the rise in situations of any surgery though; right after surgery I usually give my dogs pain meds for a day to a day an a half since they heal so fast I figure that is enough, if I see any distress such as pacing or not being able to get comfortable in places that they normally would have no trouble or just a lack luster look in their eyes, not wanting to eat or grumbly when the other pets go near etc. I know the dog is in pain and will give the pain meds but if behavior is normal and you don't sense there is something just "not quite right" with your baby then you are probably ok without the pain meds but for the first day at least give them :)) the rest of the advice will have to come from a doberman owner ......

Again what a cutie pie.......thanks for the pic, tooooo cute.....

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What a sweet face! Congrats on your puppy, they are allot of fun!

Unfortunately  I can't help you with the post care of the operation- as I got my boy already posted and healed.. but I'm sure your vet will be able to point you in the right direction.

What style of crop did you get? I've been posting for nearly 3-weeks on my kid and he has a show crop. I found this online and I love it. I actually use tampons instead of the pipe instillation.  I  like it more because it's less invasive on the ear and in my opinion better circulation all around. 

When Diesel starts scratching and shaking his head it is important that you stop him. Usually I just make a loud noise and once he stops I gently rub his ears for him. It will take a while but they will get used to having the posting up. 

One HUGE thing I am super paranoid over is ear infections.. my furbaby got a bad infection I stopped posting for over a week-- having to start the process all over again. 

Read the section on this site about posting/ear cropping, it's really helpful and informative. Just remember lots of hugs & kisses and treats! this is new and frightening to them aswell. 

Keeps the pics coming, Diesel is a handsome boy!

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Thank you for the great info and link.  Do you know at what week Havok's ears were cropped? Diesel was 11 weeks old, Diesel has a show crop too, in his case the doctor does all the post/tape procedures until he feels that he needs no more and they are standing correctly.  So in my case, I am not supposed to be participating in the posting procedure at all! which is interesting to me because most other cases the owners do the re-postings.

Havok looks super awesome/cute for having posted for 3 weeks, great job! Sorry about the ear infection, One of the reasons we cropped was to prevent ear infection, I hope he recovered fine and is doing good.  

It is controversial to crop ears, have you ever been subject to judgment from other people? I know I have been. But oh well...  Thanks again for the info and good luck with continuing your journey raising Havok he is great.

Hello dieselBoy,

I know you must be apprehensive about the whole post crop ordeal. It's pretty labor intensive but not as bad as you would think. You'er gonna stress more than Diesel will. The link that Roreh posted is, more or less, how I,ve posted my dogs ears. I used to use tampons but found that they absorb moisture and allow infections to start much too easily where as the backing rod holds zero moisture. Over the years I have used many methods and found the backing rod the best (IMO) and pretty cheap too.

So here is my take on your questions;

1) If your feeding the best food you can afford and the dog will eat, your good on this. I have supplimented with cottage cheese for the calcium to help build up the ear cartilage. I've always let my puppies eat as much as they wanted at each feeding. At this age, 3, maybe 4 times a day throwing some cottage cheese in there at least once.

2) When they'er this young I really don't call it training as much as I call it teaching. When they do something they'er not suppose to do, I redirct them, rewarding (small piece of cheese [has calcium]) for the good behaviour instead of correcting. In other words, if they are chewing on a shoe, take the shoe from them and stick a chew bone in their mouth, when he starts to chew the chew bone, !ATTA BOYS!. If they'er getting rowdy, teach them to sit, heal etc.. If you can't watch them (at this age) 100 %, crate him. I've never "corrected" a dog til they were 5 to 6 months old. Mine never heard the word "NO" til then.

3) There's no infection (at this point) so anti-bis are not called for. I use anti-bis very sparingly. Pain meds I use even less. It's better to let the dog hurt and be quiet than it is to make the pain go away and re-injure whatever it is your trying to fix. If the dog feels better, they WILL get more animated. The biggest thing the puppy will experience will be itching and that will subside after the sutures are gone. If you just keep his mind off of his ears, teaching and playing, he won't pay much attention to his ears and over a short time get use to the post.

4) One of the biggest questions! It depends on the dog. I've had ears stand a couple of months after the crop up to 18 months old. I looked up my old records and posted (on GD), in the past, each dobe that I had, what kind of crop and how long it took. You could try to find my post and see how different it can be dog to dog. If you do your job, they will stand.

My method was to post 7 to 10 days, removing the post, clean the ears, let air for a hour or two, then repost. When your cleaning the ears smell for infection. Smell the ears daily. If it smells really bad or is pus-e (how do you spell that without offending there's an infection. Usually just a slight infection that will clear up in a day or so if you watch out for it. DO NOT POST an infected ear. Most importantly REWARD with a HIGH VALUE treat (read food) after each posting. in short order he will be much more patient through the ordeal if he thinks he's getting fed. When I was posting Jax's ears, Jewel, who was past posting, would come up to me to have hers done in hopes of a treat. Since I'm a NILIF (nothing in life is free) owner, I would put a flimsy post in her ear that would fall out in a few minutes to let her think she did good.

Good luck with all of this, you will get through it. There is PLENTY of support on GD and info. It's all part of owning a Dobermann.


Oh! one more thing, rub those ears, base to tip, OFTEN.

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Havok's ear were done at 9w/o. Even tho your doctor will be doing the posting I would recommend you get some pointers from him and supplies for your house just in case Diesel gets them loose or removes them.

I have been subject to judgment.. even on facebook with my own friends and family. But living here in Germany where cropping is illegal people look at me and give me mad "stink eye". Havok's breeder is in Hungry and did the cropping there so people are looking at me like I broke the law or did the surgry in house. Just gotta push through it and remind yourself that you boy is special and spoiled no matter what people think.

How is Diesel recovering?

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I have absolutely nothing to add.. I just am so glad there is another Diesel out there. My previous Dobe was named Diesel and he was such a big sweetie just like your baby is...good luck on his posting and please post pics.