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Well what started out to be a nightmare, has turned into a success story.  

On the day Fargo turned 12 weeks old, he had his ears cropped.   Two weeks later they were put up into posts.   4 1/2 days later I took them out of the posts because I noticed some black slimy goo coming out from under the tape.   After cleaning them, I left them down for 7 days.   Then I wrapped them for another 4 days.  After that I took them out again for 5 days.   Then posted again for 4 days.    I again took them out on Jan. 9th and have not put them back up.    He was only in posts for a total of 12 1/2 days.  They have been staning perfectly ever since.   He has started teething, so I will watch for any signs of his ears drooping.   But so far so good.  

I know there is and always will be controversy over ear cropping and tail docking, but for me, it was my preference and I am very happy with the outcome.    Fargo, in my opinion, did not suffer.   He was a happy, playful puppy all the way through.   I am pleased with the outcome and could not love my boy more.   He is now 18 weeks old.

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Would love to see before and after photos... Sofia came to us cropped and docked and all grown up, so I have absolutely no experience in this area.. I just love the difference in the faces, demeanor and over all changes post crop...P.S. Love the name 'Fargo.'

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I can't see any photos at all. 

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cant see pics 

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Can't wait to see the pics, the look changes so dramatically they age right before your eyes.....they seem so mature and serious