Can my dobie's ear be fixed?

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My family and I recently rescued a Doberman. The previous owners did not take care of the dog's ears when they were clipped so one ear is pointed up and the other is pointed down. At first we thought the ear was just floppy but we then realized that when it had been clipped the owners did not stilt it properly causing it to be pointed down. My question is, is there any way to get the ear to point back up? Like a reclip or stilting it back up? 

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How old is your dog?

The normal time to crop a Doberman's ears is before 12 weeks.

I seriously doubt that reconstruction would be advisable. I suppose you could try posting it for a couple of months to see.. once again, so hard to make suggestions not knowing how old it is..

Bless you for your rescue work.. your dog is now in good hands and has no clue it's ear flops.. just love him or her.