Am I ready to remove tape and just add supports?

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She is 16 weeks and ears were done 4 weeks ago. I have been taping them myself for the last 2 weeks using round foam wrapped with tape and glued to the ear, then wrapped and a bridge between ears for standing support.

I cut off the bridge support tonight and she seems to do pretty well holding them up. I am wondering if it is time to add just some small supports for the ear? I know some are using breathe right strips but I find they are stupid expensive for what they are so I will come up with something similar. I use skin-tac to glue to the ear. Only way to fly IMO.

Just wondering the rule of thumb before moving to a reduced taping for ear finishing?

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If they are standing when you take them out, and have no creases, you could try limited tape. Just make sure that you're not trying to early. 4 weeks is a really short time for taping, but I don't know the size of the crop, or what your pup's ear leather is like.

Plus, the breathe right strips are for the tips of the ears, which like to fold inwards or outwards.