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Hi everyone, I've been on site reading about dobies but haven't posted much.  Until now, things have been pretty awsome. Kima is 2.5 years old now and some new and interesting things have come about.  I would love some info or opinions if you care to share.

Kima was a rescue so I don't know what was in her brief (4 month) time without us.  She very true to her name - Kima=loyal and bold. But she is timid after that roaring dobie bark.  She will bark like hell and then sit at the door when someone rings the doorbell.  I put her in a down and she stays as I answer the door.  When someone tries to pet her, she backs up.  Not a problem for me - I'd prefer her to back down than lunge or bite.  

Problem #1 - at the dog park - prey drive - I guess.  Other dogs get into it and she cirlcles the wagon and starts to nip at the poor dog running from the pack.  She's is  fast and I can usually call her out but sometimes she is just in the zone.  Is this something I can correct? I've been told it is normal pack mentality but I am not comfortable with it and I remember the days when she was the one getting picked on.  I was NOT a happy camper then and I am embarrassed when she is doing this.  It's not often as I don't go to dog parks often.  We usually are romping the dunes at the beach or in a neighborhood park throwing the ball and digging holes.  Maybe I would go to dog parks more often if I weren't afraid that she would do this again. 

Problem #2 - Getting attacked - Kima has recently been the victim of neck attacks. She is not an aggressive dog and I know dogs can sense it.  Her best friend - a lab- has recently been chasing her (he's 2) and nipping at her neck and I am freaked out about it.  He has never done this before but has recently been given to dog walkers to get his excercise and I imagine that much like children in school, dogs learn behaviors from their companions and do what is tolerated by those in charge.  Kima comes running back to me for safety while this other 100 pound dog also pounds into me.  I am thinking of ordering a 3" leather collar to protect her neck.  I don't want spikes but the collar in general is also something I am concerned about.  Currently she is in a 1" nylon with name plate - does nothing to protect her. She is sweet and playful. Does anyone use a wide collar and if so - do you have one you prefer?  Opinions on if they help.  Thanks in advance!