Crouching when he meets new dogs

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hi all; as you all have so much more knowledge, can you tell me why Monty, our 9 month liver Dobie, crouches down, when he sees another dog, even if he knows the dog well?? We can be walking quite normally, and down he goes, when he has sussed it out up he gets and trots over to play? Is he unsure and just making sure that the other dog is friendly? There isn't any problems, it's just something he does and we wondered why?!!  Thank you so much if any of you can help; x


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I would say he is a very submissive dog if he is going down all the way he is saying "I'm not a threat I will let you be the boss" If it is a bow that is an invitation to play.

He is a puppy and is being submissive in order not to be hurt - it is normal puppy behavior. 

As an FYI, in the states, we call your dogs color "red". In Europe it would be called "brown" - I don't believe that "liver" is used to describe a Doberman color anywhere.