Worms and worming schedule--updated

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Hello all, 

 I was just wondering if we are doing our Bella a disservice.  As far as I know she is in excellent health, but I would like to know how to find out if she has worms of any kind and what are the treatments to get rid of them.

Do all dogs get worms? Can't heartworms kill a dog? I remember regular worming my horse.

Any personal or general info greatly appreiciated.



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I think the only way to really know if they have worms is by a fecal exam:/ or if they poop some out. Heartworm is a dog killer and very difficult to treat it's spread by mosquitoes :( I don't know if you have to do regular wormings on a dog I don't think I ever have.


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Usually on a yearly vet check, they will ask you to bring in a fecal sample to check for worms. I like to use Diatomaceous Earth for intestinal parasites - it works really well.

Heartworm, however, is NOT killed by DE - they are a blood worm. Dogs should be checked in very early spring - before mosquitoes come out - and put on heartworm preventative until November or so, and some vets prefer they are on it year round, especially if you are in a southern climate.

If a dog does test positive for heartworm, vets will use injections to kill them off quickly - it is very expensive (and sometimes requires an overnight stay) or sometimes they will use a "slow-kill" method using heartworm meds to kill them off more slowly. The "slow-kill" method is much cheaper, but it does work.


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i live in the south and have to keep my dogs on heart worm preventive year round the heart worm meds kill off all other worms to execpt tape worm . but if your baby has tape worms you will see little rice like specks in their poop . the vet will thn perscribe sentinal which is a one time dose to kill them off .

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There are several 'common' types of worms that dogs get, roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms....the only way to tell if your dog has any is either if you physically SEE them in their poo or take them to the vet for a fecal exam.  It's a pretty simple treatment to get rid of them, but requires specific meds for certain types of worms.  Tapeworms, for instance, are not treated with the same meds that roundworms and hookworms are.  Heartworm can only be detected through a blood sample and a microscope at the vet's office.  I dont have mine on heartworm preventative, but I have her blood checked every 6 months.

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 Here is the update just fyi:

We got a heartworm blood test for Bella. It cost 27$ and is negative. Very good news! I am glad we did it and will probably do it on a yearly basis as suggested by the vets office.

There is a website called heartwormsociety.org that has maps showing heartworm prevalence in the U.S.

There really aren't many mosquitoes here in the desert southwest, so the risk is low. The receptionist at the vet said she had only seen one case and that was in a dog from another county.

If we see any thing weird in her poop we will get a fecal exam.

Thanks for all your input:)