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Hi everyone. I haven't posted here in years. Ive got a 5.5 year old male doberman named Kevin. He's been our "million dollar dog" as the receptionist at the vet calls him. 2 TPLO surgeries, 1 remove stick from chest surgery, multiple xrays for suspected blockages...a gazillion appointments for other trivial and serious typical issues...

And now we are suspecting he has Wobblers. Our general vet aggrees that he has the symptoms but there's no way of confirming unless we do mris and expensive testing which we just can't do after spending about $15,000 on him in 5 years. Not to mention the tests may show nothing.

I don't have much to say here but I am just looking for support. If anyone has gone through this, what measures they have taken (medical or holistic), what their experience with prognosis has been. I am so scared for him. He is the best dog in the world and has been through so much. I appreciate anything anyone can share.

Also, because I'm sure someone will ask, he came from a reputable breeder who unfortunately died very suddenly with a brain tumor a few years ago. So we've lost her support.

Thank you.

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 There is a thread on here called " Abby is deteriorating". The Austrailian owner found a great treatment for his dog.

 Good Luck, 

Our hearts are with you, hope that you find some relief for your doggie.




You can go with your gut feeling that it is wobblers or confirm it with a MRI or mylogram. Many years ago I had a bitch that presented with wobbler like symptoms and we were not in a postition to spend the then $1800 on a mylogram to diagnose it. She was my first Doberman and we were struggling financially with a toddler and infant. We managed her with prednisone when she had a flare up and she lived to 11 and died of bloat.  Looking back on that experience with what I know now, I don't think she had wobblers as it never progressed. If I had to guess, she had a slipped disk or bulging disk - but vets are so quick to jump on the "wobblers" bandwagon when it is a Doberman that no one ever looked farther than that. Most of the time she was fine.... which really is not a typical wobblers dog. 

Since then I've learned a lot and know that other tests you can do to rule out other possibilities - such as Lymes disease..... I thought one of my Dobermans had a broken toe once and damn if it wasn't Lymes. Freaking ticks cause all kinds of problems!

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Hi, I'm the owner of Abby who has wobblers, a lot of time has passed without an update so I will endevour to do this soon.

I dont have answers or a miracle cure, its degerative and unstoppable. Your job is to make the best of what you can and use whats been good for others.

Firstly, wobblers covers a variety of things. Miss-alignment of vertibrea, over growth of the nerve channells in the spine and auto ammune disfuntions where the nerve coatings are eaten away as if they are the infection.

Usually the first sign is the rear foot position, I noticed later that abbys rear nails were worn from dragging and the pads of her paws were distorded from odd positioning.

No one cure covers all, there are large studies of surgical proceedures if you go to google scholar and type in "wobblers surgical" here you will find rates of success and different approaches. All very expensive, all with their fair share of failures too.

My 2c is this;

Slow them down, they dont need to be walked & they dont need to play fetch but what they absolutly love is your time. Brush them, use different brushes & use the finest coat treatments. I drop a sock occasionally, they think its great if they steal it from you. basically try to invent low activity games and introduce new experiences of taste, texture, puzzles etc

My point is their disposition matters a lot.

Try to avoid hard medication management, Abby was on a nasty pill that cause depression and incontence. I wish i never put her through it.

The best thing I found was a "Synovan" injection (basically glucosamine) from a Vet

Hills science diet - join management (glucosamine + Vit E)

Alternatives are "sashes blend" addative to food.

Currently trying Rose-hip vital

The aim is to avoid inflamation <-- I cant stress this enough

As I said before, I will write up and update soon on Abby.

This was very rushed so sorry for spelling

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Thank you so much for the update Andrew! How are things down under with your expanded family? All is well I hope. Its great news that Abby still has enjoyment of life, we are so happy to hear from you!



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Yes, i appologies for my absence but life gets busy, then time speeds up!

Ill try and add some videos on my youtube aswell before winter sets in here