Where's my puppy?!

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So it may be me just being a worry wart being a first time puppy owner, but Frank is not being himself tonight. He was being like himself earlier today and then we made dinner and crated him. He went to sleep so we just left him in there. That's what I usually do if he falls asleep in his crate, and when he wakes up I let him out. So he slept for longer than usual, but woke up and just laid there. Usually he stands up right away and becomes very alert again. So I opened the door to his crate and he didn't even come out. So I called for him from the kitchen and let him outside then fed him. He ate much slower than usual and when he was done he had some slobbery food resin hanging from his mouth. He started walking around and looked wobbly. Now he's fallen right back asleep. I tried playing with him and he wasn't interested. He is now playing role of little spoon on the couch with me. Should I be concerned? He's probably just tired and I'm overreacting, but i just worry so much and I don't know enough yet about pups to know symptoms of anything. Thanks for your help

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How old is Frank?  How long has been acting "sickly"?

The other day Freyja was acting sickly.  We assumed she had gotten into something she shouldn't have.  The next day she was ok and back to her normal self.

My general rule of thumb with Freyja for sick days, and she's only had a couple, is to give her a day or two to see if she snaps out of it.  If her behavior changes for the worse then I get more concerned and will call the vet.  If I know what the problem might be it will also determine how I act.  But most times it seems to be a stomachache or something like that and she'll snap right of it. 

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Freyja's Dad has a good rule...

Here is some advice to know if it's more serious than just a tummy ache.  Check the gums.  Feel them with your finger, if they are tacky/dry then they are most likely dehydrated.  You can check for extreme dehydration by checking for skin trigger.  Lift up Frank's ruff (the skin right behind his neck) and then watch how fast it goes down.  It should be instantaneous.  If it goes down slower than a few seconds, then that is more advanced dehydration and it's time to go in.

Also, when checking the moistness of the gums, you can check the circulation.  Tap your finger on the dogs gums, it should go white from the pressure, then pink after you release it.  If it takes more than 2-3 seconds to change, then the circulation is bad.  Also, if the color is blue, gray, or white without the pressure, that is also a bad sign.

You can check for a fever by having a special "doggy thermometer" (just because, ew, you'd never want to use it on yourself after!)  It goes rectally and it should be within 100-102 degrees.  Anything more than that is a fever.

I hope these tips help you check to ease your mind on his little lethargic day and all the signs come back normal.  I know he also has his ears posted, so maybe he had a little headache from that today.