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Took Lil Mama to vet yesterday for next round of shots.  She recommended an influenza shot that is $60 per 2 rounds.  This flu is not nearly as treacherous as Parvo, but can make the dogs uncomfortable for a couple weeks. Flu was originally a horse flu and has been spread by ranch dogs.  Anyone hear of this flu??  Sounded to me to be more of way to suck money out of caring owners.  Told me there was no outbreak, just a few known cases in my area.

Also, suggested I put Lil Mama on adult food now, she's just 5 months.  Said bones in front legs are growing at different rates and her front feet are starting to turn out.  I can see the turning out (about 45* angle from center), but could that be puppy development and they will straighten out over time?

She also suggested not to spay Mama until she stops growing or after 1st heat.  I guess the sex hormones also communicate with growth hormones and if I spay to early, she could continue to grow a little longer and potentially increase chances of hip dysplasia or other joint issues.

I have never heard of any of this.  Any thoughts???

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Not disputing your vet's opinion, but I have never heard of giving a dog a flu shot.  My dogs get their rabies shots, DHPP, Corona and bordatella vaccines and that's all, besides heartworm, flea & tick preventatives.

There are varying opinions on the best age to spay, and I chose to go with the belief that spaying before the first heat reduces the risks of mamary and cervical cancer by more than half.  I had Ziva spayed when she was 4.5 months old, and it didn't stunt her growth (she is a little over 27" at the shoulder) or her weight (she is now 81 lbs) and neither did it keep her chest and deep bark from developing...people mistake her for a male because of her deep throaty bark sometimes.

I guess the bottom line is, go with what feels right for you.  If the canine flu thing doesnt seem like a risk factor, I think I'd investigate and research that a little more, though.  I just dont believe in medicating a dog more than is absolutely necessary.

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Totally agree with Paul on the flu vac! And I also had Raven spayed at 5 months because A- it is what my vet suggested and B- I didn't want to deal w/ a heat at all! I have always heard the opposite though that it stunts growth and bark (like paul said) and my little girl is still growing like a weed- she was spayed on mar4 and was 41.3 lbs and is now 53.4 lbs

Running off to work cant comment to much. I agree with the vet, especially with the spay. The flu is something that we run into all the time at dog shows. I'm not sure if I wasn't traveling and if it wasn't in my area if I would bother with it. You will have to make that choice. The spaying I do agree with at an older age if you can handle going through the first heat. If not I would hold off as long as you can. It doesn't stunt the growth.