vaccines (overlap) and slowed way down on eating

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She just rolled over 1.5yrs.  I have self administered all her vaccines as I have with all my dogs but starting to paying more attention to things these days.  

I went with the spectra 10 vaccine which I think mostly covers more strains of Lepto and Corona.  it also includes Parainfluenza.  

I have to board her next week so I gave her a nasal injection for Bordetella which also included Parainfluenza.  Just curious of any overlap issues?  

I am still uncertain with Lyme coverage?  Most vets seems to recommend focus on repelling bites rather than a vaccine?  She is on Advantix during the bug months.  I have never had much for bugs on her at all.  


As well, I have had her on iams smart puppy food since a pup and been pretty consistent on eating.  About a month ago she really slowed down and now will just skip meals.  I switched foods to a Sams brand that seems to have a better lineup with lamb and brown rice and figured just making the change would get her eating but she is just not interested.  I am sure if I give her junk, she will go for that though.  

I have not weighed her but I think she might have lost a little weight but not much.  It did turn hot here if that makes a difference. 

Just as a note, you may want to look at what vaccines are actually recommended now and the frequency. Even the vet schools now recommend waiting 3 years between vaccines once they have had their booster at a year & 1/2. My state requires a booster for rabies at age 1 (1 year after the puppy rabies) - then every 3 years after that.  I do one booster for the basics (parvo, distember & ugh I forget the 3rd) at about age 4 and then I don't ever do boosters again except for rabies as required by law, and bordetella if I am boarding.  My boarding facilities will take titers as proof of immunity.  I don't do Lepto or Corona or Lymes.  I do heartworm meds March through November here in PA but I don't do any of the flea or tick control... I would if they were bad in my area. Ticks are bad but we keep it under control. 

On another note, NEVER EVER do a rabies shot in conjunction with any other shot - put at least 2 weeks between them..... I prefer at least a month .... or two! Multiple shots can totally wack out their immune system ... and Dobermans are a breed with immune issues already. I also don't do puppy rabies until 6 months - even though my state law says to do it by 16 weeks - Dobermans have a notoriously bad immune system as puppies and rabies shots are really rough on them. Yep, I'm a law breaker ;-)  , and my vet completely is ok with it.

Young dogs will often go through a picky eating phase as they start to mature - this too shall pass and it won't hurt them to miss a few meals.  You might want to look at a higher quality of kibble if you can financially swing it though.

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I think I e read from some members to try adding some veggies or raw to their kibble. We use them as treats and they love it :)