Underweight Dobermann

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Hi everybody, I am just looking for some advice.

I own an 18month old Dobermaan Male, Intact. He appears to be having trouble with his food. I have had him for 5months now and his poops are never formed nor are they like diarrhoea they are always sloppy. However.

He is fully up to date with flea and worm treatment and has been to the vets for a full health check and the vets are confused. 

He is extremely well in himself he loves his food, very active. 

I have tried various food with him I.e Raw (he went extremely underweight) Royal Canin Maxi (he was scratching and nibbling at himself badly) he is now on Skinners Duck and Rice and his poops are the same despite him looking healthy on this food. 

He was weighed when I got him and he was 34kg. He is now 30kg but due to myself being a dog walker he is always out with me. The vet said he could do with putting a few more kg's on but he is well muscled.

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What have the vets done to figure out why he is not gaining weight? I would recommend having blood work done. I would also consider that he might have something else going on. IBS (Irritable bowl syndrome) would be a possibility. 

Also, when changing food, make sure you do so gradually. For all that dogs will eat anything, they can have sensitive stomachs and don't like change.