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Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here!

I have a question about the tail docking. I've been researching the breed and thinking about getting one for over a year now. I just purchased my first Dobie yesterday and I am supposed to pick it up from the breeder in two weeks. My only concern is that the breeder didn't have any of the tails docked. She says that she doesn't like to take the option away from people who want natural tails and that an experienced vet would have no problem docking it at this age. She's a reputable breeder and I talked to many of her past puppy buyers and gotten great feedback, but I'm just concerned with having the puppy's tail docked at 10 weeks. I tried looking for more info about it but I can't really find anything concerning Dobies and certain age aside from the initial 2-3 days docking.

I'm not a die-hard docking/cropping fan, but I'm wanting to dock to prevent any tail injuries. Also in the area I live I'm getting the Dobie not only to be a family member, but to be a watch dog also and I'm concerned that if it doesn't 'look' like a Dobie that people would not initially treat it in respect to that...if that makes sense.

I'm calling around to area vets to find one that is experienced with docking as my usual vet doesn't do it. Does anyone have any recommendations for the Indianapolis, IN area?

What is everyone else's opinion on docking at so late an age? I understand that it would be more painful now for the puppy, but I'm still just unsure.

Thank you in advance!

tkpnoir1101, I personaly prefer cropped and docked but either way you'll have a fine dog. I'm not gonna get into should haves and should nots, just my experience with a tail with a older puppy.

I had a puppy witha longer than usual docked tail and I had it shortened to the propper length. It was a royal pain in the rear keeping the puppy from chewing at the stitches and keeping it clean.

So if your willing to keep up with the cleaning and not letting the puppy chew out the stitches, go for it!

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Docking is done at 2-3 days old, while everything is soft, and is a very minor procedure...  At this age, if it wasn't done, I wouldn't put your pup through what is a cosmetic procedure.  Good breeders do this for you, and while it CAN be done, I don't like that the breeder said any good vet would be able to do it.  I would just leave it at this point if it's not that big a deal to you.

Do you have plans for sport or personal protection work?

I'm not sure how reputable the breeder is if she didn't even dock the puppies. Occasionally there might be a reason why tails can't be docked at 3-5 days, but then the breeder would have it done by the vet under general anesthetic when the ears were done. I personally think that a breeder that would leave it up to a pet buyer to get the tail docked is not someone I'd be interested in buying from. Tails also occasionally have to be redocked or fixed when the ears are done for various reasons.

It can be done but is now an amputation and must be done by a qualified vet as a surgery.