Sudden Death in Doberman's

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We very sadly lost our beloved Dobe Max on Friday kennel name Hougham Arizona aged 11yrs 3 months, we had had Max since the age of 10 weeks and we are devastated, he had been on his own for a lot of the time through this week due to my youngest son being very ill in hospital, but he was feed and watered daily and time was spent with him, but Iam worried that the lack of contact for hours on end may have stressed/worried him, my lad was last to see him at around 10 am yesterday and he said he had been eating and was his usual lively self, but when my wife and I arrived home at half past 5, I found him dead by his feeding bowls, it seemed as if he hadn't long passed away maybe even within the previous 5 minutes, I'm at a loss as to what could have happened, his heart was strong and his health good apart from the onset of arthritis, Ive heard that DCM can kill instantly without warning, but I really don't know.
We have lost another Dobe the same way [sudden death] and she was about 9, she was seemingly a strong dog as well.
My eldest lad wouldn't come home last night and stayed down his Grandparents, he's home now, but its really very hard for all of us to go near where his box was and after this last week with my youngest being very ill, its gonna take a long time to get over the death of Max.
I'd appreciate any feedback of possible explanations.
Max was an offspring of Dark Angel the sire and Almost Amber the bitch, he was a beautifull gentle old soul and loved by all that met him as he was very loving and affectionate and will be very sadly missed for a long long time, Max was our 4th Dobe and at my age 55 probably my last.
Thanks All
Steve in Neath South Wales UK
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I am so sorry to hear about your sweet boy :( our thoughts and prayers are with you during this hard time.  I have no advice to give other then to never let yourself forget the love and admiration your boy had for your family!

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Very sad news, it must be hard on you and your family.

Most of my pets in my life have died this way, unexpected and sudden is far better a fate then cancer and deterioration, aches and pains. Don't bother yourself with how and why, they live their lives with lots of love and it is the story they write with you that is their legacy. Once you let go of what has happened you can embrace fully what your Dobie left behind. Laughs, love and companionship.

I'm sorry for you loss.

I already did a post on Doberman Talk - so other than again offering my condolences, will let that one stand.

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so very sorry remember all the good and fun times you had together !

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Steve, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I lost two purebred males to Cardio. The first one had a noticeable irregular heartbeat for a long time, and he lived with it for a few years before it progressed.

The second, however, died within 24 hours when he developed symptoms. It was a shocker - he was 4 years old, and absolutely gorgeous. The day before he went for a run with me, and was just fine. His heart just "blew up" that night.

This was some time ago, but at the time I talked to a vet student who had taken over DNA research from another person. The other person had all of her information on her computer, and she died in the plane that crashed over Lockerbie.

The student told me she had lost a female Dobe exactly the same way as my last one. She went for a run with her girl, and then jumped in the shower to get ready for work. When she came out, her girl was on the floor, gone. We compared lineage, and my male was closely related to her girl.

The thought from the vet student was that depending on lineage, they can go quickly, or it's a more slowly advancing disease.

I'm sure there's a lot more information by now - this was 20 years ago - but I wanted to let you know that yes, sometimes it's very sudden.

Again my sympathies to you and your family....


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Thanks for your post Kim explains much.                                               

PS. not sure what as happened to my photo and don't know how to turn it the right way, doh!!