Stomach Tacking?? Is it necessary?

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Our old and new vet have recommended that we get a gastroplexy during our female’s spay surgery to prevent any future chances of bloat. The Breeder also recommended this surgery as a preventative measure. We recognize stomach turning often results from a poor routine (too much food or water before play) and can be avoided if monitored but we are also told it’s better to be safe with a barrel chested dog. 

The procedure makes me very nervous! How common is it? Have any of you had it done for your pups? Have any of you had a Doberman who’s stomach turned? 


I've had it done on two bitches when they went in for their spay - one at age 3 and one at age 6 (after two litters).  It is a longer incision and is more of a truly major surgery. I had no real issues with the first bitch, but the second bitch got an infection. I've decided to not do it on subsequent bitches, as I'm just not sure the risks of the extended surgery outweight the benefits.