Spay Incontinence

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I have a question about treating Spay Incontinence. My dog was spayed at about 1 yr old. A year or so after that she developed intermittent incontenance which only ever happened when she was sleeping. Also, it normally occurs when she is napping during the day, hardly ever at night. The time between periods of incontinance usually is about 3 weeks, then she will have problems for two to three days and it will stop.

I have had her tested for urinary infection, which always comes up negative. I know that in the states ,vets frequently prescribe drugs for this, hormone replacement and other things. Unfortunately I am located right now in South America and vets here don't even recognize this condition. I have seen where corn silk extract is used by some with good results. This is something that is available here as it is used by humans for urinary problems.


My question is this; I have read where Corn Silk Extract is a diuretc. If this is accurate, how is something that produces urine effective in treating incontinence. It seems like it does what you don't want to happen, ie., the dog urinating more than before. Any calrification anyone could provide would be appreciated.


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I'm no expert, but I think that spay incontinence is less a problem of the amount of urine produced than muscle tone of the involved area.  I have heard that Corn Silk Extract is effective in helping with spay incontinence, but I've never used it.  

As an aside, when I had a Dobe with spay incontinence, I used crib mattresses as dog beds.  Most of them here in the States have waterproofing on them, so all I had to do was wash the sheet and wipe down the bed every once in a while.  Eowyn was on medication her whole life, but still had an accident every once in a while.

Can you not order meds over the internet?