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Good morning all,


Im looking to find out recommendations for shots.  Harley has had her shots up to 8 weeks.  Ive read multiple suggestions for shots.  I dont want to go overboard with injections either.  The breeder said I should skip some of the injections as they where not necessary.  I know I need to get the Rabies at 12 weeks.  And I would like Harley to interact with others as soon as she is safe too. 

Can I get some feedback on what others recommend. 



If you have a good reputable breeder, then I would listen to them. 

I personally do a series of 3 puppy shots 4 weeks apart - I do what is called a "4 way" shot.  I don't do Lepto or most other optional vaccinations.  Rabies is one that I put off as long as possible and NEVER do it within a month of ANY OTHER VACCINATION!!  There is too strong of a possibility of bad reactions ... and don't let your vet tell you otherwise. Dobermans are a breed that can have a lot of auto-immune issues and several of them are linked to vaccinations.  I personally won't do a rabies till they are 6 months old and I don't care what the law says.

I then do a "4 Way" booster one year after the last puppy vaccination.... then I rely on titers if needed for boarding, etc..... I may do one more booster at age 4 or 5, but that is it. Rabies is one that I have to do every 3 years by law - it's a stupid law, but I do follow it. Again, I don't do a rabies shot within at least a month of any other shot for the life of the dog.