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What are the best puppy shampoos to use on dobies (8wks and older)? there seems to be a LOT of differing opinions on this and I still can't seem to figure things out. I went to my vet today and I asked about food and shampoos but he seemed more interested in pushing what ever they were selling in the office. I didn't know anything about the shampoos but the kibble he suggested were similar to eukanaba and I know they don't compare very well to Royal Canin (that's what i'm set to use). Please help me out! thank you

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First, IMHO you cannot go wrong with Royal Canin. Stopped feeding it to Sage but recently went back and his coat is no longer dry.

My Vet told us read the label for the ingredients in the shampoo and stay away from cetyl alcohol & sodium lauryl sulfate. Shampoos with these two ingredients will lead to a dry, flaky coat.

Here is what I use for Sage;

Lavender & Mint Buddy Wash Ingredients:
Coconut shampoo base, aloe vera gel, essence of lavender, essence of mint, chamomile extract, sage extract, nettles extract, rosemary extract, wheat protein extract (natural deodorizing agent), tea tree oil, vitamin E, vitamin C. Safe for puppies, pH-balanced, no potentially harmful SLS & ALS, soap free and can be used along with topical flea treatments. Comes in 19 fl. oz., or 1 gallon size bottles. I ordered http://www.cloudstar.com/8B85D0640D2843F5A8CD806F241058A0.asp?sc_id=594DC8910C8B43A58EC1E2C990817074&pcs_key=444C8CBDE9C0483AA8D7FFA24E96A866 a gallon & shipping was free.

BTW, I'm only a satisfied customer and NOT a distributor, with no intention of spam.