To Scratch or not to Scratch that is the question??

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Hey guys!

I have gone through some of the threads to see the issues on Dandruff. Little Miss Bella has a mild case of it nothing major, but the bigger problem I am having is she seems to be scratching & somewhat nipping or trying to de-flea herself. She does not have fleas. She has been treated for fleas, (more of a prevention b/c she has not had any fleas as of yet ) and that was a month or so ago. 

I can't find anything on her skin other than dandruff. Her Skin appears really dry.. Since she had her ears cropped and had to wear the E-collar & stitches were exposed I did not give her a bath - So she has not bathed in about 4 weeks or so.  

She does have a bad habit of laying in front of our air vents through out the house. She will lay directly in front of them or on top of them. With the heat blowing full blast. Could this be a huge factor into drying her skin out?

Also any suggestions on what I can give her to ad moisture to her skin? Her coat looks fine, with a tad bit of shine, she has No hair loss with the exception of where the tape was on her ears, and that looks like its slowly growing back. I am really trying to figure out why she is scratching and nipping.. I look and see nothing 

She is clearly not stressed ~ if anything she is Bored.. b/c she is always trying to find something to get into. It has been cold, and icy outside so it's hard to go out and play. We take her out but we can only bare so much, & now the snow has iced over so it's dangerous its like walking on a ice skating rink. You never know when you will fall. (no matter how careful it's only a matter of time before we bust our butts_ each & every time we go outside)


Rhonda (AKA - Bellas mom)

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Hmm, poor puppy!  Dry skin is fun for no one :(  I know that adding a bit of olive oil to their food makes their coat really shiney, I wonder if it would help her dry skin as well? 

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A humidifier in the house might help her and everyone.  Omega 3 fish oils are good for the skin from the inside out.  Don't worry about not being able to bath her.  Bathing dries the skin.  It's best to not bathe too frequently, and when you do bathe a dog the water should be cool/tepid.  We tend to use water that is too warm, and also take care to rinse, rinse, rinse and then rinse some more.  Flakes are often just shampoo residue. 

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I agree w/ glengate about the fish can add a small amount to her dry food, and it helps w/ dry skin among other things.  Ziva is over a year old and has only had a full bath in the tub three times.  The only time she gets a bath is when she gets really stinky or muddy, and I use oatmeal dog shampoo on her and rinse her off with a mixture of 1  pt white vinegar to 3 pts water, to remove all soap residue, then just a tepid water rinse.  For her daily routine we just wipe her down with unscented baby wipes.

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And dont' forget the Skin-So Soft mixture.. it really softens the coat... smells good and seems to help with the tiny bit of dandruff.

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we give Rocky a tablespoon of olive oil over his food 3 times a week in the winter and that seems to solve the problem almost completely.