The RIGHT food for a Dobe Puppy

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Hello everyone!


I thought I would reach out and express some thoughts and concerns and get some feedback. I am struggling to find the right food for my Dobe puppy... What do you feed your baby? My little girl is 4 1/2 month now and has been struggling with finding the right food for her ( regardless the fact she has also been struggling to stay healthy from picking up different parasites since she came home to me ) :(

Her breeder origionally had them on Puppy Iiams large, and when Miya was settled into her new home I slowly introduced her to Orijen puppy large. (She vomited it all up, it was too strong and that didnt work for her) She than picked up a parasite so the vet had her back on Iiams and a EN food (temp) than we transitioned from the Iiams again to Taste of the Wild Puppy ( fish based ) and things were well, but her bowels were always soft? Now shes picked up ghiardia and shes back on an EN food to calm her bowels with the medicine and I dont know what to do if I shoud go back to T.O.T.W or look for another food for her?

Her coat and muscle definition were outstanding on T.O.T.W and I was really excited for her to be on it. Ive done a ton of research on whats in what foods and I was recommened the food from a friend who has a doberman herself who feeds her pup it. I know how crucial it is not to keep changing a pups foods, I want to find the right food and stick with somthing ( she just has kept getting sick and the dr would put her on an EN food with med to calm her tummy, she would not throw up but have horrid bowels).

What do YOU feed your doberman/puppy?

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I must say that I feel your pain in finding the right food - it's a hard thing nowadays to find the right combo for any dog much less a growing puppy

I hope you get some great feedback as I have had to do it the hard way with my rotties with the trial and error until you find the right fit hope you can short cut to a great food

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It can be daunting.. we struggled for years finding, trying, transitioning, discarding kibble.

Due to chronic gastritis in one and DCM with the other.. we ended up with home cooking with little to no sodium.

Had to go on the Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal for Bella... with an early morning Prilosec pill.

Sofia gets............... boneless skinless chicken breasts, brown rice, green beans, pumpkin, sweet potatoes....with  hamburger and egg whites once a week.. supplements and vitamins are also well as a tablespoon of honey in her breakfast and lunch ( yep.. three meals a day for her.)

No human food for either one of them.

Kibble can be a crap shoot and I understand how confusing and frustrating it can be. Although we spend a good portion of our days cooking, chopping,and mixing food.. it's worth it in the end to have an 11 year old cardio patient on NO meds.. something I do not recommend without a vet's approval.. but it works for us and that's the key..

the best you can afford and one that agrees with your pup is the only answer..

good luck

Katie, Sofia and Bella


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My last Dobe was fed raw and had the most beautiful sheen! (His former owners fed him Ol Roy so ANYTHING was an upgrade.) If you can afford the time and/or money to feed raw, I highly recommend that but it can be daunting for a first timer. 

My Rubie eats Solid Gold Sundancer. It's an all stages, grain free food. She's a red and her skin and coat are gorgeous and her puppy poo's are consistent. She's got great muscle tone but we keep her very active and I prefer my dogs to be a little on the leaner side. Too much weight at any stage in life is can be hard on their joints, especially for growing pups! We do give her some Honest Kitchen freeze dried, grain-free raw a few nights a week. She's currently at about 4 cups a day, total, at 6 months old. We tried Solid Gold Wolf Cub but it's not grain free and she didn't do as well on it. And she gets ZERO "people" food. Occasionally a bite of a dog friendly veggie when we're cooking but only when she's on 'her mat' and nothing fed from the table, ever.

Also, is where we buy all our food! Save a little $$ on auto ship and it appears at my door step whenever I need it. This site is a great resource but keep in mind, they break down foods by ingredient list so even a 5 star food might not totally agree with your pup.

I agree with Lady Kate, find the best you can afford and one that agree's with your pooch. Don't give up!

I feed a locally sourced and made kibble most of the time - my adult dogs eat Annamaet Aqualuk which is a grain free fish based kibble. Annamaet is a really good product, but is not available everywhere.... a rare company that is still privately owned!

I have fed their puppy food (chicken and fish based)to young puppies and then transitioned to a corn and wheat free chicken based formula.... and finally transition to the Aqualuk formula after they are a year to 18 months old. It seems that formulas have changed since my last litter (4 years ago) and they do market Aqualuk as an all life stages kibble now.

Most totally grain free kibbles are pretty high in protien and/or too rich, and I avoid that with growing dogs. 


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Fitzmar - is this what you're talking about?

Looks like good stuff!