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We just got our first puppy recently. How much should we be feeding her? She is about 7 weeks old. I was feeding her a little over 1/3 cup of food 3 times a day. Now that she is settled in, she doesn't seem to be finishing it all. Should we be just feeding her twice a day or keep it to 3 times a day? We are feeding her the expensive puppy food. Not grain based. It was reccommended by the manager of petco. Also adding a little yogurt in the food to add calcium, which was reccommended by the lady we got her from. I don't know if that is right but she likes it. We have a wellness appointment next week with a vet but it's a new vet and I would like some feedback from people who have actually owned and dealt with the doberman breed before. Thank you.

Being that your puppy is under the age at which she should have even left her litter, she should definitely be getting 3 to 4 meals a day for at least another couple of months. I generally don't go to 3 meals a day till after 8 weeks, and then keep it at 3 meals until they are about 4 months old at least. 

I would be soaking her kibble in some water for at least 15-30 minutes before you feed her - her teeth still have a difficult time crunching hard kibble. I'd keep soaking it for another few weeks - backing off the amount of time you soak it week by week.

I don't know what you are feeding her - there are many good kibbles out there, and most of them are pretty pricy. You will find over time that a truly good kibble is worth the price as they actually eat less of it than cheap kibble that is full of fillers like corn. The amount you are feeding is fine - the amount recommended on the bag is just a starting point. The amount to feed varies dog to dog. The ribs on a young puppy should not show - but they should not be fat either - you should be able to easily feel ribs.