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I am confused.  My vet wants to neuter at 6 months; however I have been reading many comments that I should wait at least until 12.  Am going to do the stomach tacking at the same time - so when would be the best age to do both?

New research suggests that waiting till a male is fully grown before neutering is optimal. I suggest waiting between 12-18 months.  However, it also depends on the owner and how you can handle having an intact male in your home. They really are normally pretty easy to handle unless you have intact bitches in your home or near your home that he will come into contact with.  In that case, it is better to neuter earlier.... but 6 months is really too early. 

Unless you have a retained testicle, I would not really suggest doing a stomach tack at the same time. It is major surgery - not a huge deal to do at the same time as a spay... but a typical neuter is not invasive unless there is a testicle retained way up. 

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6 months is much to early but most vets suggest it .... 18 months would be the best options so the pup grows properly. I have an intact 9 months old and there isnt much change you can notice the obvious his hormones have hit but it's nothing crazy.