potential leg amputation

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Hi I am new to the forum but have ben reading posts for quite a while . We have 2 dobes zeus who is 5 and apollo who is 2 .

Zeus was having problems last year after tripping with apollo playing in our yard so we took him the vet and found out he injusred his ACL we watched it for a while giving him rest and finally he had surgery to repair it and all was good . This past weekend he would periodically favor that leg so we took him back to the surgeon to have it checked and found that he had a tumor growing on his ankle bone that was not there last year at the time of the surgery . They took a biopsy and checked the lynpnode and did a chest x ray to see if it spread . The chest x ray and the lympnode is good thank god  . I  am waiting for the lab work to comeback before the surgeon and drs plan the next course of action . Which may be chemo or amputation of his rear leg .

I love this dog so much and feel so horrible that I may have to do this to him . I truthfully would take my leg first than do this to him if I could  . I am a grown man and can barely hold back the tears thinking about this amputation on my best friend especially when he is walking well but I need to save his life  . It just kills me thinking about this  .

I just feel horrible looking at this beautiful boy thinking about what comes next , just can't believe this .




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Welcome to the forum Tom, I'm sorry you have to even think about this. I hope others with some experience in leg cancers will speak.

I knew a 3 legged dog that travelled alone 2 miles up a country road daily to visit someone. 

We'd love to see photos of your dogs.


Good Luck

 Julia and Bella

Dogs do fairly well on 3 legs - personally that would be my course of action if it were my dog...... but no one can make that decision for you. 

I have never had a youngish dog with cancer, but I will say that some dogs do well with Chemo, however, most people I know that have had chemo done on dogs say that they would not do it again. 

Good luck to you.

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Tom -

I sure do understand your reluctance towards amputation!  Libby, who's in my avatar, had a severe lick granuloma on one hind foot/leg, and one vet recommended amputation.

I could not do it, and ultimately, she ended up carrying that foot up, and was on three legs. The good news is, she lived another 5 years on three legs, and until she developed arthritis in a front foot, she did just fine. She was actually pretty speedy, even without using that leg - she almost caught a rabbit.

I would help her up the stairs, and she could get down them just fine.

If it's cancer in Zeus' leg, you may not have the option I did, but rest assured, he will get along just fine on three legs.

I'm holding a good thought for you and Zeus......

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Hi Tom,

Did you see the posts on Osteosarcoma in 4 year old.... and Last Day on.... I think in his dog the cancer had already spread.

Maybe you could pm that owner, just fyi. Hoping for the best. Gosh it must be awful, I can't imagine making the choice. However to save B.... I think rear leg is better than front leg (?)


Thinking of you, 

 PB an' me

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dogs do pretty well on three legs, and there are great prosthetics now for dogs that have had an amputation and as they age and they get tired there are great wheelchairs to ease the joints on those 3 legs so it's something I would definitely do if it will clear out the cancer and allow for a long life.....keep us posted!!